Zombie Gunship Survival Soft Launch

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New gameplay trailer reveals the 5 biggest features Survival brings to the Zombie Gunship franchise

Gearing up for its release on iOS and Android this winter, Zombie Gunship Survival (previously Zombie Gunship, Inc.) has entered soft launch for iOS in the Philippines.

“We’re really excited to see the reaction to the game in this initial soft launch,” said Borja Guillan, Zombie Gunship Survival Game Lead. “How the community reacts to the experience will impact our course before hard launch. We’ll be monitoring feedback very closely from players, regardless of whether they are familiar with the Zombie Gunship franchise.”

Last summer flaregames and developer Limbic announced a partnership deal to release the next installment in the Zombie Gunship series, with the original game maintaining a #1 top-grossing chart position for several weeks after launching in 2011.

In Zombie Gunship Survival, players take the gunner seat aboard a heavily-armed AC-130 aircraft and wage war against zombies. As one of the survivors of a full-scale zombie apocalypse, gun down the undead from the skies and protect your ground troops during risky scavenging missions. After securing valuable resources needed for survival, upgrade your devastating weaponry and build up your remote airfield, which acts both as a shelter for survivors and your base for operations.

As part of today’s announcement, a new video has been revealed showcasing the 5 biggest features Zombie Gunship Survival brings to the franchise.

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Zombie Gunship Survival Soft Launch
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Zombie Gunship Survival Soft Launch
The latest from flaregames and Limbic, Zombie Gunship Survival enters soft launch in the Philippines!

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