WEBZEN is Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Webzen.com

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WEBZEN, a global developer and publisher of PC and mobile games, today announced the game events for its 10th anniversary, celebrating 10 years with all communities since the launch of its global game portal, webzen.com.

Since WEBZEN released its first 3D MMORPG MU Onlineon the worldwide marketover ten years ago, the company has brought many free-to-play online and mobile games to players around the world through its global game portal with a registered player base of 60 million.

To celebrate the 10-year birthday, WEBZEN is running many anniversary events and offers for MU Legend, MU Online, C9, Flyff, and Rappelz until 30 April, 2019. All users can level up by clearing each dungeon in the Dungeon Level Up event, after which they can select their game, server and character to receive level rewards, exclusive rewards or quiz rewards. The goal of this game is to reach level 20 and get the final prizes: +9 Shining Weapon Enchantment Ticket for MU Legend, Gold Channel Ticket and Master Scroll Package for MU Online, Permanent P-Rare Skill Book Coupon for C9, Scroll of Amplification Q for Flyff, and Growth Potion Supreme for Rappelz.

Additionally, in celebration of the anniversary WEBZEN is offering a top-up bonus of up to 40%, extra Wcoin and Redzen, and top-up events through which players can receive anniversary packs, including the Freebie Pack, Beginner Pack, Novice Pack, Advanced Pack and Master Pack. Full details on all events are now available on the official website: www.webzen.com/events/10th.

The Webzen Facebook page is also celebrating the 10th anniversary with various social events in which players can win up to 10,000 Wcoin/Redzen and in-game items.

Furthermore, players can visit their favorite games’ news pages and check out what additional benefits are on offer.

For more information about webzen.com’s 10th anniversary events, check out its official website at www.webzen.com and official Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/webzengames.

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WEBZEN is Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Webzen.com
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WEBZEN is Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Webzen.com
WEBZEN celebrates the 10th anniversary of its free-to-play game portal with various events, offers, and giveaways.

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