[Video] WebZen 2016 Upcoming Games


In this video, WebZen teased seven, yes, 7 product titles for their 2016 line-up. These are:

  • Azera Iron Heart
  • LightFall
  • The Beast
  • Shot Online M
  • Summoners Saga
  • MU Ignition (web game)
  • MU Legend (project name: MU2)

Watch the product video below.

    WEBZEN 2016 lineup | upcoming games
    WEBZEN 2016 lineup | upcoming games

    WEBZEN - a global developer and publisher of free-to-play games, today showcased more than 7 upcoming games scheduled to be released in South Korea this year. This lineup includes different types of platforms, including client-based, browser-based and mobile games. Watch the video to find out more and visit www.webzen.com

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