From Red Sahara Studio, Velator: Immortal Invasion is a fantasy epic team strategy RPG set in the kingdom of Shunhyte. Velator sets the player to an epic story up to the final battle against the storm of the Immortal. Even with auto-battle options provided, the game engages the player to play manually not just to be immersed by the action combat system but also to rely on their own strategies through timing of skills and party composition.

Since their introduction to the world, the Immortals have destroyed the once great empire of Paragon, and they seek to destroy the world. Form an alliance through summoning humans, demons, angels, and other races, that will leave the faith of the world into your own hands. Experience HD rendered 3D graphics and join guilds, raids, and fight in PvP to create the best strategy in this brand new fantasy team RPG.

Game Features

  • Unique team building system
  • Multiple single player game modes in HD 3D graphics
  • Challenge players in multiple PvP modes
  • Conquer in massive guild battles
  • Deep hero customisation
  • In-game hero analysis
  • Epic soundtrack

The game is currently available in limited countries only, check if it is available in your country only at Google Play.

Velator: Immortal Invasion Soon in Southeast Asia
Article Name
Velator: Immortal Invasion Soon in Southeast Asia
An Immortal Invasion is coming in Southeast Asia! A mobile RPG from Red Sahara Studio, Velator, will pit players against the Immortals!

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