Uncharted Waters Online is an online game wherein you play in the Age of Discovery/Exploration period of Planet Earth (15th to 17th Century), where you are one of the Captain on voyage trying to open new trade routes, discover new exciting places, and the mapping of the planet. Of course, before you can have a conversation and establish a good trade with the peoples of the world, you need to learn their languages.

Learning a new language is simple, just visit any city and talk to the lords and ladies of any ‘houses’. As a clue, the names of these houses end up with the word ‘Estate’. Additionally, guild houses (Adventurer Guild, Maritime Guild, and Merchant/Trader Guild) also offer languages.

Below you will find a tabular list of the languages available per city and the establishment where you can learn it. A word of caution, languages count as one (1) skill. You will need to forget a skill if you already maxed out your allotted number of skills that you can learn. But be careful not to unlearn the language of the city you are currently in, lest you want to travel all the way back to where you first learnt of their language in the first place.


Used in


Arabic [ARA]

Islamic world

Athens (Maritime Guild)

Genoa (Merchant Guild)

Seville (Tome Pires)

Celtic [CLT]

Britain archives

London (Shakespeare)

Chinese [CHN]


Anping (He Bin)

Dutch [DUT]

North Flanders

London (Shakespeare)

Marseille (Francois Rabelais)

Seville (Maritime Guild)

Venice (President Shylock)

Egyptian [EGY]


Beirut (Bay Hail)

Tripoli (Shinan Pasha)

English [ENG]

Great Britain

Amsterdam (Erasmus)

Genoa (Maritime Guild)

Marseille (Francois Rabelais)

Seville (Duke of Parma)

French [FRE]


Amsterdam (Lou Pence)

Venice (Michelangelo)

German [GER]


Amsterdam (Maritime Guild)

Greek [GRE]

Greek Peninsula

Naples (Merchant Guild)

Venice (Maritime Guild)

Hebrew [HEB]

Israel, Sinai

Naples (Thomas Campanella)

Indic (Indo-Aryan) [IND]

Indian Sub-Continent

Hormuz (Ali Reis)

Manila (Lopez de Legazpi)

Muscat (Al Gauri)

Italian [ITA]

Italian Peninsula

Lisbon (President Baldi)

Marseille (Da Vinci)

Seville (El Greco)

Japanese [JPN]


Nagasaki (William Adams)

Korean [KOR]

Korean Peninsula

Hanyang (Yu Seong-ryong)

Latin [LTN]

European Scholars

Syracusa (Prince Jame)

Malay-Tagalog [MAL]

South-East Asia

Calicut (Kujarato Daesang Group)

Mayan [MAY]

Central America

Havana (Chief Uareo)

Mon-Khmer [MON]


Calicut (Adventurer Guild)

Nahuatl (Aztec) [NWT]

Central America

Veracruz (Las Casas)

Nordic/Norse [NOR]

Scandinavian Peninsula

London (Maritime Guild)

Oceanic languages [OCE]

Oceania region

Buenos Aires (Diaz de Solis)

Manila (Lopez de Legazpi)

Persian [PRS]

Basra and Hormuz

Mozambique (Koritan)

Zanzibar (Elder Majid)

Portuguese [PRT]

Iberian Peninsula

Amsterdam (Mercator)

Nantes (Princess Margaret)

Seville (Tome Pires)

Quechua [QCH]

South America

Portobelo (Balboa)

Slavic [SLV]

Eastern Europe

Antwerp (Queen Mary)

Athens (Martinengo engineer)

Ragusa (Veronica Franco)

Spanish [SPA]

Iberian Peninsula

Lisbon (Diaz Admiral)

London (Shakespeare)

Venice (Paracelsus)

Swahili [SWA]

East Africa

Lisbon (Njinga Nbenba)

Thai-Burmese [THA]

Burma/Myanmar and Thailand

Calicut (Marikkaru)

Turkish [TUR]


Siracusa (Prince Jame)

Tunis (Merchant Guild)

West African languages [WAF]

South-West Africa

Porto (Duarte Lopez)

* Source: Great Voyage Online wiki sites.

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