It started with the hiring of a Guild Leader of a guild in World of Warcraft to work for Yahoo! Inc. Then the news about Top Executives of different Top Companies playing World of Warcraft who all belong to one same guild. And it goes on.

SANTA ANA, Calif. _ Software engineer Michael O’Brien holds business meetings on the fictitious island of Chatsubo.

It’s a virtual location in the online game Second Life that he’s helping to develop for corporate functions.

Other real-world businesspeople visit the virtual World of Warcraft to hone their leadership and communication skills.

Multinational chipmaker Intel Corp., meanwhile, is exploring ways to use tools of online gaming to improve communication among employees from different continents and cultures.

Those are examples of how the world of online gaming is starting to change American workplaces. It’s a development that’s barely in its infancy but holds promise for improving how the electronic office functions, especially for online team members who are miles _ or thousands of miles _ apart.

from: Corporations learn from online gaming.

So you see, there is nothing wrong with playing games as what most politicians are claiming, and it isn’t immaturity if one is playing games as what many parents are thinking. If gaming will lead to future war-freak adults, then these top corporations must be crazy. And if being a gamer is a sign of immaturity, then all these Top Executives are immature!!

Again, a dialogue between gamers and non-gamers (especially the politicians and parents) must happen if we are to understand each other.

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Top Corporations Getting Into Online Gaming
Article Name
Top Corporations Getting Into Online Gaming
Top Corporations are hiring video gamers branded by politicians as war-freaks and by parents as irresponsible.

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