MANILA, PhilippinesTNC Philippine Holdings Inc., an eSports company in the Philippines have announced its grand opening that will safeguard the growth and presence of eSports in the Philippines. The grand opening and cocktail party will take place on October 10th, 2017, at #477 Felomina Building, E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue, Cubao, Quezon City which will also be the official base of the company.

TNC Philippine Holdings Inc. is an eSports company that is set to focus heavily on developing eSports scenario in the Philippines by targeting multiple gaming platforms hoping that it will consequently strengthen the conviction of TNC towards eSports in the local and global scenario. This will be headed by Eric M. Redulfin, founding Chairman and Lester Ryan Wong, CEO of TNC Philippine Holdings Inc.

“Ensuring the growth of eSports, it doesn’t stop there. TNC Philippine Holdings Inc. will dive into innovations, research and development, high level marketing to further the quality of growth of eSports in the Philippines. And most importantly, to build a strong relationship and trust with all the company all around the Philippines and show them that eSports is the future”, says Lester Ryan Wong, the CEO of TNC Philippine Holdings Inc.

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Redulfin said that the founding of this company will give opportunities to aspiring players which was his original plan when they first established TNC Pro Team. Now, more than giving opportunities to these aspiring gamers, the company will secure more breaks for new players with the goal of proving that there can be a professional future in eSports.

“Having TNC Philippine Holdings, Inc. will only mean more pro teams are going to be created. From having only a Dota 2 team, now we have League of Legends, CSGO, Crossfire, Hearthstone and Dota 2 girls’ team – the TNC Amazons. Of course we want to have more teams in the future to give more opportunities for aspiring professional players. With the help and support of the Games and Amusements Board’s accreditation eSports will be the next big thing. Aside from this, we also want to strengthen our main business, our cyber cafes. This is only the start for a stronger Philippine eSports industry”, Redulfin emphasized.

The company believes that all stakeholders of the eSports industry including but is not limited to sponsors, brands, partners, gaming teams and professional gamers will benefit from the establishment of TNC Philippine Holdings. Inc. The company will devote itself to fully expose the brand of TNC and the eSports scene, ranging from creating eSports teams to compete internationally, Cyber Cafe expansions, High Ground Cafe Franchise, and many more. Organizing events, conferences and TNC projects that will increase the visibility of eSports in the Philippines are definitely part of the company’s general plans.

In the near future, TNC Philippine Holdings Inc. plans to establish more professional teams, hold bigger eSports events and expansion of TNC. The company also plans to go full power with their merchandises and gears which will soon be able to the public. TNC Philippine Holdings also promises to ensure innovation from what the eSports industry currently have right now especially in Southeast Asia.

Business wise, Redulfin and the team hopes that their next step is to create international presence for TNC International Holdings, Inc. aside from the Philippines.

“We want the whole Southeast Asia to shine and claim its spot as the world’s eSports capital. After making Philippines shine even brighter after our Dota 2 team’s accomplishments, we believe that we can help do the same for the region. With all of this, we want to be one of the pillars of eSports in whole South East Asia and continue to bring support to eSports scene”, says Wong.

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The whole TNC Company from TNC Gaming or now known as TNC eSports up to TNC Philippine Holdings Inc. instituted by Mr. Eric M. Redulfin started as a cyber cafe business with only 4 computers. Now, he has more than 100 branches of TNC Cyber Cafe with more than 12,000 computers in total.

On the other hand the CEO of TNC Philippine Holdings, Inc., Lester Ryan Wong is an ideal man for the position who has adequate experience in the gaming industry and has gained interest in the eSports scene in the Philippines. Having traveled in different countries, experiencing different kinds of gaming culture and eSports, Mr. Wong decided to enter eSports to support its growth and dwell into the blooming market of eSports. Through his years of experience in Information Technology, Lester hopes to bring innovations to eSports scene in the Philippines and eventually to the international level.

About TNC Philippine Holdings Inc.

TNC Gaming is an eSports organization founded by passionate individuals head by Eric M. Redulfin and Lester Ryan Wong who share the common goal of increasing the visibility of eSports in the Philippines. The organization allows gamers the chance to partake in high-level competitions by handling gaming teams and organizing tournaments around the country.

TNC Philippine Holdings to ensure growth of eSports
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TNC Philippine Holdings to ensure growth of eSports
TNC Philippine Holdings, an eSports company have announced its grand opening that will safeguard the growth of eSports in the Philippines.

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