Tikitap Launch Oh My Mayor: Touch in the City 2

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Tikitap, an independent and innovative game publisher is conquering the mobile gaming world as they launch their newest title Oh My Mayor: Touch in the City 2. It is the company’s very first idle mobile game which is available now globally.

Oh My Mayor: Touch in the City 2 tkaes you to the business world while starting to be the great businessman in the game. Fund your city to yield great and stable revenue. Be the Mayor of your own city! Strategise how you will build your bustling city instantly! Complete challening tasks, missions, and more to collect great rewards! Unlock new buildings by collecting experience and leveling up!

Grow your city with less tap and relax as you gain funds. The first idle game you will love instantly.

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About the Game

Want to be the Mayor of yoru own city? Live the dream as you play and strategise to this first idle game offering.

An idle game that focuses in increasing citywide revenues, develop your own and neighbouring cities, and secretaries that helps your city grow faster. Enjoy its first idle game style! Start your training as businessman as you create a city being YOU as the Mayor! Sharpen your excellent leadership as you build the city and turn it to empire. Collect various transit and secretaries to declre as the best entrusted Mayor with great influence to nearby city.

Game Features

  • Build bridges to expand your city towards new horizons
  • Various types of transit to increase revenue
  • Hire secretaries with unique skills to make your cities grow faster
  • Use boost and continous funding to upgrade your cities to gain more revenue
  • Invest in amenities to expand your cities
  • Compelete challenging tasks and collect dozens of rewards
  • No need to tap, just watch!
  • A city growth simulation game that requires a little less attention so you can relax

Download and play Oh My Mayor: Touch in the City 2 today!

Tikitap Launch Oh My Mayor: Touch in the City 2
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Tikitap Launch Oh My Mayor: Touch in the City 2
Tikitap's newest and first idle game, Oh My Mayor: Touch in the City 2, is now available worldwide for all Android gamers!

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