Techninier Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia’s leading technology and platform provider of Social Networking Platform, Interactive Mobile Gaming Platform, and Mobile Social Networking Games, announced the launch of its latest tournament based mobile gaming portal — Gamewars.

According to the latest Global Games Market Report released by Newzoo, gamers worldwide will generate a total of U$99.6 billion in revenues in 2016, up 8.5% compared to 2015. Newzoo expects the global market to grow with a CAGR of +6.6% toward 2019, eventually reaching U$118.6 billion with mobile gaming at U$52.5 billion. Inline with this, Techninier hopes to spur mobile gaming in the country with Gamewars, an interactive gaming portal which offers subscribers to win up to RM100,000 worth of prizes including the latest Apple iPhone 7 plus in the list.

Gamewars’ first batch of tournament games is Smash Giant which will run until February 2017. The game supports both Android and iOS smartphone and is available for download in Google Play and App Store.

Dato’Lion Peh, Techninier’s Chief Executive Officer said, “We are excited with the launch of Gamewars and are confident of a high adoption rate amongst Maxis’ subscribers, especially for those who are looking for more fun and exciting mobile games. Services are kept affordable and all traffic charges within Gamewars are waived.”

“The tournament games features simple yet addictive gameplay with the aim of appealing to casual gamers, which represents the largest group of mobile gamers today. We took great efforts to ensure that our tournament games with Gamewars will support a large portion of smartphone models in the market today,” added by Dato’ Lion Peh.

To download and play this new tournament game, visit Gamewars’ website at

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Techninier Launches Mobile Gaming Portal
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Techninier Launches Mobile Gaming Portal
Techninier launches Gamewars, a mobile gaming portal for Maxis & Hotlink subscribers, with the latest iPhone 7 plus and more up for grabs.

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