Swordsman New Server and Merges


Swordsman by Perfect World Entertainment, announced today upcoming changes to their server setup. This is in preparation for the next expansion in this successful Chinese-themed MMORPG. There is a surprise giveaway too.

The list of server changes are as follows:

  • Silkroad renamed to Han [RU]
  • Jian and Gauntlet merged to form Xia [EU]
  • Claymore and Lash were merged and is now known as Shang [East]
  • New US server, Zhou [West]


In the next expansion of Swordsman, a new class will be introduced, the Falconer. Players can get a Level 70 Falconer by following the steps below:

  1. Send an email to [email protected]

    Use the email address of the account you want to receive a Level 70 Falconer. In other words, if you have a hundred accounts (you are not a botter, are you?) you have to send an email using the address actively linked to each of those accounts.

  2. Subject of the email: Zhou Server Signup
  3. Body/Content of the email: Sign me up!
  4. Make a new character in Zhou [West] once the server is available.

    This character will receive a special item which will grant a Level 70 Falconer in your account.

The big day

The server changes has been scheduled on the 27th of April 2016. It will be an extended maintenance so do not expect for the servers to come up at the usual time.

How about the expansion? I will quote Swordsman International‘s Community Manager on this one:

Yes, the merge is happening before the expansion so the new server can make Infinity characters. 🙂 Then when the expansion is released we will send out the LV70 items to players that sent emails and made characters on the new server. The official expansion launch date hasn’t been released yet, but the max time it should take at this point is probably 2 months, likely less. 🙂

No official release date yet, but the work here has been started. 🙂

Yes, we have to wait that long before we get a taste of Swordsman: Lone Wanderer expansion and the new character class, Falconer.

Screenshot: Friday Expansion Teaser!

    Swordsman New Server and Merges
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    Swordsman New Server and Merges
    Swordsman International announced today next week's server changes, merges, and a new US server that can win players a L70 Falconer.

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