Perfect World Entertainment announced today that Star Trek Online is celebrating its 7th year anniversary today with the release of Season 12 — Reckoning for the game’s desktop PC version. A 100% free-to-play MMORPG set in the Star Trek universe.

Cryptic Studios, the developer behind Star Trek Online, continues the unique story of the game’s branch of the Prime Timeline. Season 12 puts out a desperate call to captains across the galaxy to battle the powerful Tzenkethi, a long-time enemy of the Federation and the Klingon Empire.

The mission begins when the Lukari set out on a journey to investigate some unusual activity in an unexplored region of the Alpha Quadrant. They discovered data that suggests weaponized use of protomatter and request immediate assistance from the Alliance. This is the first episode of Season 12 entitled “Of Signs and Portents”.

This update also brings back the game’s popular anniversary events and of course new content to explore.

  • Two daily Anniversary Missions: Completing “Omega Molecule Stabilization Daily” and “Party Patrol” each day will earn dilithium, reputation marks, and pictures of Q, which must be collected to earn the new Lukari ship.
  • New Lukari Science Vessel: Captains can finally earn the community-designed T6 Lukari Ho’kuun Science Vessel by participating in daily anniversary miisons and completing the new featured episdoe.
  • New Featured Episode: In the brand new episode, “Of Signs and Portents”, captains team up with the Lukari to battle the Tzenkethi and earn rewards toward the new Lukari Science Vessel.
  • New Reputation: “The Lukari Restoration Initiative” allows players to earn marks toward weapons and gear infused with protomatter technology to defend themselves from the Tzenkethi.
  • New Crafting School: Season 12 introduces a new Research School to the R&D System, allowing captains to create new kits and modules.
  • Two New Space Queues: “Gravity Kills” and “The Tzenkethi Front”
  • Full Space Battlezone: Captains will head out to the final frontier to lead an all-out war against the Tzenkethi, in an effort to stop the production and deployment of protomatter weapons.

Visit Star Trek Online and help fight the Tzenkethi.

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    Star Trek Online Celebrate 7 Years with Season 12
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    Star Trek Online Celebrate 7 Years with Season 12
    Star Trek Online celebrates its 7th year anniversary by releasing Season 12, with tons of new events, items, and missions for captains!

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