Star Control: Origins – Fleet Battles Beta Begins Today

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Coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the popular classic game Star Control II, Stardock Entertainment released the first beta of Fleet Battles for the highly anticipated Star Control: Origins today.

Star Control: Origins is a science-fiction adventure game set in an open universe where players are the captain of Star Control’s (Earth’s space agency) interstellar ships. Set in a different universe than the original StarCon trilogy, players will face new alien species, make new allies or new enemies.

In this beta, players will be able to test the Ship Crafting system where players can literally design their own ships and even share it online and have others use it as well. From the weapons and defenses to the looks of the ship, Captains can show their knowledge and creativity.

On the gameplay it is similar to its predecessors, Star Control, Star Control II, and Star Control III. In the story mode, captains will explore the galaxy to make alliances and prepare to face the malevolent species bent on destroying everyone in their path. While on the multiplayer mode, captains will be able to use alien ships to battle it out space arena type and know who is the best captain in the universe.

Star Control: Origins will also have a story editor where fans can create their own campaigns. It also features multiplayer gameplay through the Internet, in addition to the traditional 2-player mode (same PC) and LAN connections.


Serious fans of the Star Control franchise would probably want to know if Star Control: Origins is a sequel or prequel to the original trilogy. The answer is “no”. Star Control is a multiverse. The first two, Star Control and Star Control II were set in what is called the Ur-Quan universe and Star Control III is in a universe of its own. Star Control: Origins is also in a different universe.

Stardock Entertainment, the new owner of the franchise, has explained that the Ur-Quan universe’s aliens lore are owned by Paul Reiche and Fred Ford, the original developers and writers. Stardock only have a license to use the aliens and lore, and for them, it would mean their story is not canon or “official”. In addition, Paul and Fred also asked them not to use their aliens as they still have hopes to one day continue the the Ur-Quan story.

Star Control III on the other hand was a “sequel” of sorts but without the involvement of Paul and Fred. This release did not gain popularity and is commonly joked as “cow-level”, well, there are alien cows in the game. Thus, to many fans and to Stardock, Star Control III is set in a universe of its own. We can probably call it the “Cow Universe” to differentiate it from the “Ur-Quan Universe” and the “Origins Universe”.

For more information on the Beta 1 schedule, visit the official website. Or pre-order the game today while it is available at a discounted price!

Star Control: Origins - Fleet Battles Beta Begins Today
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Star Control: Origins - Fleet Battles Beta Begins Today
The highly anticipated, Star Control: Origins, begins its Fleet Battles Beta today on the 25th anniversary of Star Control II.

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