SpecOps, Most Challenging and Rewarding Medal


SpecOps, an Ingress badge or medal that was introduced in 2015. This badge tracks how many missions an agent successfully finished. However, this is not for the faint of heart, or should I say, casual Ingress players.

What is the SpecOps medal?

The SpecOps badge relies on the number of user-generated (player submitted) missions an agent did. In simple words, this is optional and is not an “official” mission or quest per se, like what is found in other games, specially, MMORPGs.

This medal, at first, appears to be easy. After all, all an agent has to do is take up a player submitted mission and finish it. If this is how an agent understood it, he or she is in for a big surprise.

The Challenge

Each user-generated mission vary in the level of difficulty. There are some that only asks an agent to hack five (5) portals, up to the very challenging ones that requires doing the mission objectives in sequence. And by objectives, it can range from simple hacking to guessing the correct answer to a question.

Over time, players got very creative and the Ingress community started to see what is known as Mission Art.

Mission Arts

Mission arts are a series of missions that an agent has to finish in sequence to see the art itself in the agent’s profile. It could be a 6-mission series forming the letters “L-U-N-E-T-A” (as shown below), or a 24-mission series (or more).

This is the most challenging part of the SpecOps badge in that, once an agent starts to finish more missions of a mission art, there is no stopping until the last mission of the series. This requires endurance and stamina.

Gold SpecOps Badge

As an example, on the night of 2016-05-02, I earned my Gold SpecOps medal. To earn this, I had to finish 100 player submitted missions. Here are the statistics of my solo operations:

  • Type of mission: 24-mission art series
  • Number of missions finished: 16
  • Duration: 16:00 to 22:00 (6 hours)
  • Starting Point: Manila Ocean Park, Luneta, City of Manila
  • End Point: Manila Film Centre, Pasay City
  • Kilometers walked: 15km
  • Portal hacks: 166
  • XM Collected: 310,247
  • AP gained: 126,597

Yes, that is correct. I walked 15 kilometers to finish 16 missions in 6 hours. If we are not going to count my rest period, it was probably 4 to 5 hours only. The 16th mission I finished brought me to the 100 missions mark which earned me my Gold SpecOps medal.

Here are additional statistics from the same solo operation:

  • Unique Porals Visited (explorer badge): 91
  • Resonators deployed (builder badge): 193
  • Links created (connector badge): 4
  • Control Fields created (mind-controller badge): 3
  • Mind Units captured (illuminator badge): 12,468
  • XM Recharged (recharger badge): 52,798
  • Portals captured (liberator badge): 89
  • Unique portals captured (pioneer badge): 85
  • Mods deployed (engineer badge): 14
  • Resonators destroyed (purifier badge): 302
  • Glyph Hack points (translator badge): 94
  • Portals Neutralized: 61
  • Enemy Links destroyed: 36
  • Enemy Control Fields destroyed: 12

I believe other Ingress agents working on their SpecOps badge agrees with me when I say this badge is the most challenging yet most rewarding in the game.

Most Challenging and Rewarding Medal

It is challenging for the mere fact that an agent not only must have a huge endurance and stamina reserves but must be psychologically ready. An agent has to be optimistic to have a chance in moving to the different tiers of this medal.

It is also rewarding because by doing a mission, all the other badges are being worked on as well. For example, I was able to add 15km to my Trekker badge. Not only that, I knew that I was able to beat myself by finishing a very challenging objective I set on that day.

The Health Benefits

Best of all, I burned more or less 2,500 calories all by walking at varying speed, terrain, slope, temperature, in 6 hours covering 15 kilometers. This will probably not have happened if I was playing Ingress like I normally do–casually.

What else could you ask for? Go get the SpecOps badge.


If you have a health condition, please do not attempt to do what I did above. In addition, as I already mentioned earlier, this requires mental preparedness. When you are psychologically ready, your body obeys you, otherwise, it will complain.

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SpecOps, Most Challenging and Rewarding Medal in Ingress
Article Name
SpecOps, Most Challenging and Rewarding Medal in Ingress
What is the most challenging and rewarding badge in the Augmented Reality game, Ingress? I believe it is SpecOps. Find out why here.

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