WEBZEN, one of the world’s longest-running game developer and publisher of massively multiplayer online games or MMOGs, and a leading operator of free-to-play games, has released an update for Shot Online in the American and European servers.

Shot Online is an MMOG golf game that brings the world of competitive sports straight to the player. It is a highly addictive golf simulation with role-playing elements, making it more than just an online sports game. The game features community interaction, competitive tournaments, and character progression alongside unique club attributes and enhancements.

In today’s update, Webzen brings in the Shot Online World Championship or SOWC. It gives golfers the opportunity to show their skills to the worldwide Shot Online community. It will alow players to challenge other golfers in the other servers of the game. With SOWC, players from the USA/Global server can challenge players in Korea, Japan, Spain, France, and Germany.

What makes this new update even more interesting is that the 1vs1 matches does not require that both players are online at the same time. The system records a 1v1 round known as the “Qualification Round”. From there, players from other servers will play live 1v1 SOWC matches against those Qualification Rounds. Thus, when they play their own SOWC matches, they will be playing against a recording of another player’s Qualification Round.

There are requirements of course. A golfer must be no less than level 120 and have unlocked the title “National Pro I” or higher. Every month, there are 3 SOWC sessions, each a week long. After which, the rewards will be given to the players according to their monthly ranking.

New Guild Features

This content update also includes the Guild Missions feature. It is a set of weekly quests consisting of 10 stages which must be completed alternately by either 2, 3, or 4 guild members. Upon successful completion, the participating members will receive “contribution points”, and each member can earn up to 100 only per week for their guild.

In addition, golfers can also check out Guild Agencies. New “sections” of a guild can be leveled separately by spending the contribution points earned by each member by finishing Guild Missions. There are 4 types of agencies: the G.H.P. Team, Mode Reinforcement Team, Hard Course Reinforcement Team, and Product Development Team. By leveling up a particular (or all) Team, new bonuses provided by the agency team will be given to the guild.

If you want to play Shot Online and raise the banner of your server, visit the official website here for the US/Global server or here for the European servers.

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Shot Online World Championship Begins
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Shot Online World Championship Begins
With Shot Online World Championship, players from all over the world square up in 1v1 matches.

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