Innovative Sandbox Mobile MMO with Primitive Dinosaurs and Massive Player Versus Player Battles from Developers of Vindictus Opens Worldwide Limited Testing for Android and iOS

Registered fans from around the world will be the first to roam, explore, and conquer the immensely beautiful but dangerous world of Durango, the latest sandbox massively multiplayer online role-playing game from NEXON Korea Corporation, subsidiary of NEXON Co., Ltd., a worldwide leader in free-to-play online and mobile games.

Durango is a pioneering MMORPG with an endless number of islands, full of primitive dinosaurs awaiting player discovery. The Durango limited beta testing will run from December 13 to January 4 (PST). Eager Android users wishing to join the limited beta test can still register on the Durango website:

Developed by Eunseok Yi’s What! Studio, players participating in the Durango limited beta tests will be propelled into an unknown world where dinosaurs still roam around freely. Players will get a glimpse into a beautiful but dangerous world where survival is the number one priority. Jampacked with a fully-imersive and interactive experience, players will lead their characters as they learn to build communities, hunt, scavenge, and battle to keep their clan alive in the foreign land plagues by rival clans and dinosaurs.

During this round of limited beta, MMO fans from all around the world will:

  • Be a pioneer in an endless open world: Endless numbers of islands in Durango‘s seamless open world awaits player discovery;
  • Building an empire: Players can develop their settlement from scratch with fellow players from around the world, and prosper by trading goods;
  • Hunt or tame dinosaurs: Learn to tame, ride, or hunt down a diverse set of vicious and iconic dinosaurs;
  • Engage in epic clan versus clan battles: Battle against other clans to protect one’s homeland in massive clan battles;
  • Develop specialities with emergent crafting and skill training: Find various ways to master activities through Durango‘s innovative system.

The Durango limited beta is available in the US, Europe, Australia, Canada, South America, and other select territories, excluding mainland China and Japan.

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    Sandbox Mobile MMO, Durango, Enters Limited Beta
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