Sandbox Linkrealms Fall Beta Announced


This 31st of October 2015, the indie game developer Mythyn Interactive will begin the next test phase of their sandbox massively multiplayer online role-playing game Linkrealms. In addition to this, the company announced the availability of the “Founder Packs” which contain unique items and grant access to all upcoming beta tests.

In late August, Linkrealms had its “Summer Beta” and with all the feedback and reports they received during this phase, this coming “Fall Beta” will see an enhanced character diversification. There will also be new four new skills — Staff Fighting, Poisoning, Constitution, and Enlightenment, as well as new spell spells added to the Sorcery spellbook.

Even more interesting for role-players, especially in a sandbox MMORPG is the world map. This upcoming beta, the world has been expanded even more, with the introduction of a new environment, the Forsaken Jungle. It is an area that is home to the Lizzogoths, a hostile race of sentient reptile warriors and mages.

Not only that, there is now a special tutorial area for noobs, I mean, newbies. A useful addition which will be especially useful for players who are coming from themepark MMORPGs.

What is a “Realm” and why “Linkrealms”?

The world of Linkrealms is divided into connected areas called “realms”. Each realm aside from public ones (such as NPC towns and dungeons) contains a portion of land which can be claimed by the players (one user = one realm). If a player owns a realm, he can customize it using the Realm Editor. A realm can include a home to store & display one’s belongings, a garden for farming and livestock, or both. The Realm Editor comes with a very large library of graphics, covering multiple themes & styles that allow each player to create a truly unique environment.

Each realm is visible & available to other players whether the owner is logged in or not, 24 hours a day. Players & creatures can wander through the realm, and the owner’s crops continue to grow. The maximum level of protection a player can set on his own realm depends on the server’s ruleset (soft or hardcore PvP).

Founder Packs

There are four (4) Founder Packs available now — the Settler Pack, the Baron Pack, the Duke Pack, and the Prince Pack. Depending on your objective in the game and your budget, at least one pack will suit you.

Settler Pack
  • Price: $9.95
  • Title: Settler of Syndesia (in-game and forums)
  • Store credits: 25 (real-world value of $7)
  • Access to beta servers
Baron Pack
  • Price: $19.95
  • Title: Barron of Syndesia
  • Store credits: 50 (worth $14)
  • Item: Founder Cape (exclusive)

    Be it when engaged in battle, or just when strolling around the gardens of his palace, a nobleman always needs a cape tied to his shoulders. Let yours be an exclusive Founder Cape, so your aristoratic status will never go unnoticed!

  • Bonus: Item Swappers

    Loving the stunning crown from the Royal Armory Box, but not feeling like losing the properties of that helmet you crafted in game? Use a Swapper to switch the properties of any pair of equipment items and define your character’s look!

  • Bonus: Baron Starter Kit

    Get a boost for your first days on Linkrealms with the Baron Starter Kit! This pack includes 750 argents, 150 heals, 450 essences of each kind, 75 pieces of cloth and leather and a larger game inventory.

  • Access to beta servers
Duke Pack
  • Price: $39.95
  • Title: Duke of Syndesia
  • Store credits: 75 (worth $21)
  • Bonus: 90-day Claim Stake (worth $27)
  • Item: Founder Cape (exclusive)
  • Bonus: Item Swappers
  • Bonus: a personal Bankbox

    Sometimes noblemen don’t like to hang around busy places, but rather enjoy the peace of their castle. With the Personal Bankbox you can open your bank account from your own realm without having to reach any of the cities of Syndesia!

  • Bonus: unlock the Royal Armory Box for an exclusive aristocratic equipment set

    You can sense this box giving off nobility from a mile away! Take out and dress its exclusive content – a stunning crown, a majestic scepter and a finely woven leather cape! The items come with no properties, but can receive them through an Item Swapper.

  • Bonus: Duke Starter Kit

    Not satisfied with the smaller Starter Kit? Become a Baron and get more! This pack includes 2000 argents, 250 heals, 875 essences of each kind, 125 pieces of cloth and leather, a larger game inventory and a deluxe juicer.

  • Access to beta servers
Prince Pack
  • Price: $89.95
  • Title: Prince of Syndesia
  • Store credits: 150 (worth $42)
  • Bonus: 180-day Claim Stake (worth $54)
  • Item: Founder Cape (exclusive)
  • Bonus: Item Swappers
  • Bonus: a personal Bankbox
  • Bonus: unlock the Royal Armory Box for an exclusive aristocratic equipment set
  • Bonus: Prince Starter Kit

    Only real Princes get the best Starter Kit available on Linkrealms! This pack includes 5000 argents, 450 heals, 2200 essences of each kind, 350 pieces of cloth and leather, a larger game inventory and a deluxe juicer.

  • Item: Founder Statue

    This massive statue is truly capable of conveying the pride and the glory that only belong to a Price of Syndesia. Lock it down in your realm and let anyone be in awe of its majesty! Note: be wary of players hidden nearby when you lock it down.

  • Realm Title: Founder Realm Title

    Let the world know that the realm you claimed now belongs to a Prince of Syndesia! Any time a player walks into the realm that contains your home the text “Entering Prince [YourName]’s realm” will be displayed in red letters at the top of the screen!

  • Direct Developer Contact

    Get access to the Princes’ Speech, a private feedback section of the Linkrealms Forums, and participate to conference calls with the developers of Linkrealms. Get a chance to know more closely the bunch of crazy guys behind the world of Syndesia!

  • Access to beta servers
  • Access to test servers

Note, however, that the Founder Packs is available only for a limited time – that is, until the release of the game. If you do not want to miss your chance, get one now here.

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