RPG Brewery Interviews DragonLance’s Margaret Weis

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In the DragonLance online game I play, Ansalon MUD, the MUD admin, Zivilyn, shared with us a recent interview with very popular author, Margaret Weis.

In this interview by The RPG Brewery, Margaret revealed interesting facts about DragonLance and answered good questions from the fans. Some of the questions were the origins of the characters Caramon, Raistlin, and how the world of DragonLance came about (you’ll be surprised); information about the rumoured Dungeons & Dragons and DragonLance films; and which one Margaret will choose between Star Wars and Star Trek.

If you have not seen this, and you probably haven’t, then you can watch the interview below.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

And to Wizard of the Coast, you better go back to releasing novels and materials for DragonLance! As well as get a Games of Thrones like TV series for the franchise. Here’s a suggestion, you don’t have to do a Krynn-centered TV series, you can create new stories for TV set in Taladas!

Dragonlance with Margaret Weis
Dragonlance with Margaret Weis

In this episode I had the pleasure of having a talk with the wonderful Margaret Weis all about Dragonlance. Listeners showed up when called on for some questions for Margaret. Thank you all for the continued support!

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