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Redbana Corporation known for its publishing service all over the globe since 2007 had greatly expanded its services through the years. From 2011, they have started their BPO service for well-known companies like Gravity and G4Box, trying to provide a better quality of monitoring and customer support services. With their success in this kind of business model, stopping is not their option. On 2015 with the flourishing success of mobile game business, the company decided to expand their services to other mobile game companies to provide them the same quality and sufficient community management service for their games.

With their company’s success story, Redbana’s CEO Jun Hyun Kim said, In order to be successful in Globe mobile gaming market, communication is the key; conversing with local area players with their local languages can bridge the gap to success. For the past 8 years of Redbana’s experience in publishing, it will be a great opportunity to share their knowledge and success with start-up companeis that are trying to reach the top.

This 2016, Redbana Corporation’s innovative and creative ideas expanded their services for customers and companies’ satisfaction.

Expansion of Multi-language service operation for East Asia and Southeast Asia

With Redbana Corporation’s current services which specialized in game publishing and other business process outsourcing that operates in English language countries, will now expand its operation service to East Asia and Southeast asia. The service will provide multi-Asian languages (such as Japanese, Chinese, Malay, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and Thai) support, covering the following countries like Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Indonesia, making Redbana a true global BPO company.

This has provided Redbana an edge with their services compared to other service provider companies which only serve English. This will be great opportunity for developers and publishers all over the globe, knowing that there is a company that can provide them a better quality of service for East Asia and Southeast Asia countries.

There is also a collaborative effort between the two Redbana subsidiary companies in California, North America, and Manila, Philippines, which they started the development of mobile games. Even the expansion started it never stops them to continue what they specialized on:

  • global game publishing in English-speaking countries
  • mobile game community management and customer service (CM/CS)
  • offers game quality assurance (QA) from development, before and after game launch
  • key performance indicator (KPI) analysis for global competitive market

Redbana also provide additional services after game launch like viral marketing, community blog, sns promotion, community support, and game broadcasting studio which companies can utilize to get in touch directly to their customers.

Offers Global Co-Publishing Program to minimize the cost of entry

It’s always been a dilemma for game developers and publishers in circulating their games in a global scale due to the following barriers; initial marketing entry and manpower cost. Redbana came up with a solution to solve that problem by the need of Global Incubation Program (GIP). The GIP is open for small and medium-sized mobile game developers; it can minimize the cost of development and global marketing. As the program progress both companies can proceed with the global co-publishing program that provides a win-win business cooperation which distributes equal sharing of revenues.

In addition, Redbana also offer Business Intelligence Tool (BIT) that provides a specific target for marketing and PR. This will be a great help for indie, small scale developer and publisher since Redbana will shoulder all the expenses making a very low entry cost on the company’s target market.

As Redbana always say, Whatever our clients’ business goal, we make it happen.

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    Redbana Expands Mobile Game Service to Asia-Pacific
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    Redbana Expands Mobile Game Service to Asia-Pacific
    This 2016, Redbana Corporation's innovative and creative ideas expanded their services for customers and companies' satisfaction.

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