Nexon America is on a roll as it released yet another big update before the year ends, this time for Riders of Icarus. In this update — Ranger’s Fury, the level cap has been raised and a new sixth class was introduced to the game.

The Ranger’s Fury update brings a wealth of new content for Riders at Level 40 with the introduction of Cloying Wastes — a vast new desert area with secrets to discover, dangers to overcome, and a variety of all-new mounts and familiars to tame. This update also comes with a new class and an increased level cap.

  • Increased level cap — The level cap has increased to 50, allowing players an opportunity to further increase their strength against the increasingly dangerous enemies, monsters, and factions within the Cloying Wastes.
  • New Ranger class — Rangers can deal heavy damange to enemies up-close and far-away with their bow, vambraces, or their power of Chaos. They can further specialize in weapon skills that offer increase in damage, enhanced abilities, and drastically different playstyles.

Riders of Icarus can be downloaded for free today on the official website. You can also watch the trailer below.

To know more about the latest patch, visit the official announcement about Ranger’s Fury.

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    Ranger's Fury Engulfs Riders of Icarus
    Article Name
    Ranger's Fury Engulfs Riders of Icarus
    Nexon ends 2016 with a bang with the release of Ranger's Fury, bringing in the 6th class for Riders of Icarus.

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