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It was only a few months ago when Ragnarok Online Philippines opened its doors to gamers in the Philippines, and now we are getting another version of the game, Ragnarok Journey Philippines from the same publisher, ELITE Global.

Ragnarok Journey Philippines has not yet even launched but the local publisher, ELITE Global, already have a grand party set this Sunday, 12th of November 2017 at the Glorietta 2 Activity Center, Makati City


As usual, there are frequently asked questions from gamers, and here are some answers.

  • Q: Is there an installer for Ragnarok Journey?
  • A: No, there is no installer. Ragnarok Journey is a browser-based game utilizing Flash. As long as your browser still supports Flash, then you can play Ragnarok Journey.
  • Q: Which browser can I use?
  • A: Any browser that still supports Flash. As of this post, these are: Mozilla Firefox, Chromium, Google Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi, Yandex Browser, and Microsoft Edge.
  • Q: Can I play it in my mobile phone or tablet?
  • A: If your mobile phone or tablet have enough resources and can run Flash, then yes. Otherwise, no.
  • Q: I use Mac or Linux, can I play Ragnarok Journey?
  • A: Yes, as long as your browser still supports Flash, you can play Ragnarok Journey fine.

Game Features

Other than the features that we loved in the Ragnarok franchise, there are features in Ragnarok Journey that came from the mobile scene. Some of these are:

  • Daily login rewards
  • VIP gifts
  • First Charge reward
  • Special events
  • Gift system

History of Ragnarok

Here’s a short video on the history of the Ragnarok franchise. From the very first, Ragnarok Online, to the latest, Ragnarok Journey.

To know more about Ragnarok Journey Philippines, like the official Facebook Page. You can also read our review of the International Ragnarok Journey server.

Ragnarok Journey Philippines: Grand Party
Glorietta 2 Activity Center,Makati City,Philippines
Starting on
Ending on
Heroes of Midgard, We're having a Grand Party Event for the much-awaited game, Ragnarok Journey, in the Philippines. Join us as we welcome a new addition to our roster of Gravity games in the country. No need to download and install a client; check if your rig can handle the juice requirement for this game. All you need is a browser and a stable internet connection! Playing your fave Ragnarok game anytime and anywhere will be a breeze with Ragnarok Journey - Philippines. Expect exhilarating performances from our guests, appearances from well-known celebrities and game bloggers, not to mention exciting games and big-ticket raffle items to be given away!

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