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Gravity, the developer of one of the most popular MMORPG franchise, Ragnarok Online, recently started the beta test of the browser version of the game entitled, Ragnarok Journey.

The battle to protect Rune Midgard continues for the adventurers of Ragnarok with Ragnarok Journey. This latest version of the game can be played with any browser as long as Flash is still supported, and these are — Mozilla Firefox, Chromium, Google Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi, Yandex Browser, and Microsoft Edge.

The game is published by WarpPortal, the publishing brand of Gravity. Thus, if you already have an account in iRO, it can be used to login to Ragnarok Journey.

Sad Kafra
Sad Kafra (image by gameshogun™ under CC BY-SA 4.0)


As is typical with most browser (and mobile) games today, leveling in Ragnarok Journey is fast. You can reach level 20 in 10 to 15 minutes, that is if you turn-on the built-in bot system or the auto-play mode. Yes, this game has that feature, which classic gamers does not like. (Personally, I like it.)

Other noticeable features (other than the usual Ragnarok systems), yet not surprising, are the following:

  • Timer login rewards
  • Daily login rewards
  • VIP sale
  • VIP gifts
  • First Charge reward
  • Special Event rewards
  • Gachapon/Lockboxes (at least based on the world announcements of other players getting rare items by opening some item)
  • Purchase special skills (yes, that is correct, there are one or two skills that has to be purchased to unlock)
  • Item Mall
  • Gift system


The game can be played with any modern browser that still supports Flash, like Mozilla Firefox, Chromium, Google Chrome, Vivaldi, Opera, Yandex Browser, or Microsoft Edge as of this post. This makes the game playable in any desktop platform — GNU/Linux, Windows 7 to 10, and Mac. However, it is not possible to play this in a mobile phone or tablet as these have very limited resources, maybe some newer phones/tablets can.

The game is fast and stable. I played Ragnarok Journey using a very old Toshiba 1.50GHz netbook via Google Chrome 59.0.3053.4 dev 32-bit build, with 2.0 GB memory, and while browsing the Internet. My connection was Globe GoSAKTO prepaid LTE.

Data Consumption

Speaking of Internet connection, this game was not developed for connections with a data cap or limit. By playing for 20 to 30 minutes today, I consumed almost 200 MB already. If you do not have an unlimited data or wired Internet connection, there is always the option in playing Ragnarok Journey in your favourite gaming center or Internet café.


For a Flash-based game, the graphics and speed are both good. The NPC art and other graphics are reminiscent of the original Ragnarok Online thus it gives a nostalgic feel to it. The background music is a bit modern, I would have preferred the usual Ragnarok music. The gameplay, yes, definitely Ragnarok as we know it, with the familiar monsters. The quest system and UI design is the modern norm that Guild Wars and World of Warcraft introduced.

gameshogun™ gives Ragnarok Journey 4.3 out of 5 stars.

Play Ragnarok Journey here: playroweb.com.

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Ragnarok Journey Begins…
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Ragnarok Journey Begins…
Ragnarok Journey, the browser version of Gravity's popular Ragnarok franchise, started its open beta. Here's our first impression of the game.

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