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By now, many Filipino gamers have heard of the return of Gravity‘s most popular MMORPG, Ragnarok Online, in the Philippines. However, there are questions that are going-on in the minds of local gamers. Let’s see if we can answer those.

  • Is Ragnarok Online Philippines official or just another private server?

    Ragnarok Online Philippines, or ROPH for short, is an official service licensed by Gravity to Electronics Extreme.

  • Who is Electronics Extreme?

    They are a Thailand-based company that brought back Ragnarok Online in Thailand after it was discontinued. They were very successful in this endeavor that Gravity granted them publishing rights to three more countries — the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia.

  • They will publish the game in the Philippines? Where is their office?

    Yes, but it will be managed by their local partner. As you can see in this recently posted Ragna Festival banner, there is another company behind ROPHElite. At this point, all we can say is that Elite will handle ROPH. What their partnership is with Electronics Extreme, is up to them to reveal.

  • When will ROPH start its beta?

    Mid-June. See our report: Ragnarok Online Philippines Week

  • Can we migrate our characters from iRO to ROPH?

    Ahh, now that is a very good question. If we are going to take a guess, probably not. Is there a possibility? Yes, but do not count on it. Start a new life in a new server, come on, it is not that hard!

  • What are the server names and how many?

    Two servers will be available on Day 1. The names are: Loki and Thor.

  • Can my relatives from other countries and OFWs play in ROPH?

    Good question too. Again, probably not. The International Ragnarok Online server or iRO will probably request an IP address block for all players who are not from the Philippines. This is common practice and does not have to be part of the licensing deal, it is a business thing I will not bore you about. In other words, do not count on it.

    Of course, if you know how to setup a VPN then you can give access to your relatives or OFWs so they can login. Or, if some good soul setups their own VPN service, you can pay them for access. Either way, if there is an IP address block, your relatives need a Philippine-based VPN with a Philippines IP address.

  • Will it be free-to-play?

    I have no doubt that it will be. But if they choose to go back to the subscription model, it will be a huge surprise and a very interesting move.

  • Which version of RO will ROPH release?

    From Day 1, ROPH will release what it calls a “Revo-Classic” version. You can read our report here: Ragnarok Online Philippines Week

  • Will you be giving away closed beta keys?

    If they will conduct a CBT and give us keys to distribute, then why not?

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    Common Questions About Ragnarok Online Philippines
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    Common Questions About Ragnarok Online Philippines
    Ragnarok Online Philippines (ROPH) is coming back in the country. With it comes common questions that gamers are asking, here are some answers.

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