Over 30,000 players have had their wishes fulfilled today as Playpark launches the much awaited Pocket MapleStory SEA on Google Play and the App Store, enabling everyone to play this iconic MMOG on-the-go.

First launched in 2005, the MapleStory franchise is a familiar face in Singapore and Malaysia through MapleStory SEA, while in the Philippines through the international MapleStory. Millions of players in the region have played the game and to this day, MapleStory SEA itself is stronger than ever, in Facebook alone it has 300,000 followers and regular updates.

“The MapleStory franchise has wide appeal with people of all ages. Many of our players have grown up with us,” said Sherman Tan, Chairman of Asiasoft. “We continue to evolve our products to fit our players’ changing needs.”

Based on the popular PC MMOG, Pocket MapleStory SEA allows mobile users to get the same party experience and accessible platform style as the PC version. At the same time, it boasts new, mobile-only features, including Auto Mode, Compact Map, and controls for the players on-the-go.

In addition to the above, players who pre-registered for the game can look forward to getting their early bird reward which includes a Bunny Plush Cape, premium currency, and other items to kickstart their adventure. Players will also be able to form guilds or clans to gain access to dungeons and powerful buffs exclusive only to those members of a guild.

What are you waiting for? Download MapleStory SEA now!

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    Pocket MapleStory SEA Launches
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    Pocket MapleStory SEA Launches
    The much-awaited Pocket MapleStory SEA launches in the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia! Plus, free gifts for players who pre-registered!

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