Philippine-Korean Video Game Cooperation

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Elite Games, Inc. and the Gyeonggi Content Agency, announced their partnership to bring quality games from South Korea to South-East Asia, as well as, to help develop the emerging game development scene in the region and expose these game development startups in Korea.

Elite Games, Inc. is a premier service provider based in Seoul, South Korea, with its regional operations is based in the Philippines. This month, the Philippines will get the honored spot to be the launch pad for four new mobile games before these are published in the rest of the region.

During the recently held Philippine-Korea Video Game Cooperation Conference at the Marco Polo hotel, Elite Games, Inc. or EGI showcased four new mobile games from the Gyeonggi Province. These are Fantasy Tales, Joy Planet, Next Exit, and Velator, with more games, including PC and console games, to come in 2018.

The Philippine-Korean Video Game Cooperation and Partnership

Game support and development is one of the sunshine tech industries in the Philippines. Today, we have Philippine companies working on AAA titles like Microsoft StudiosGears of War 4 game, and Ubisoft‘s Assassin’s Creed, to mention two. According to, revenue in the Philippines Mobile Games segment has reached mor ethan U$175 million in 2017, and by 2022, mobile phone game revenues will reach U$256 million or more than a quarter of a billion dollars.

With the partnership with Gyeonggi Content Agency or GCA, EGI will publish games from the Gyeonggi Province in the Philippines and the rest of the South-East Asia region. The company will also provide bilateral exchange of business, expertise and technology, incubator programs for local and regional aspiring game developers or startups, and education, and have these products introduced in the South Korean market.

“We’re opening the doors for both South Korean game developers and Philippine teams to work together and come up with great games that the whole world can enjoy,” Mr. Johnny H. Paek, CEO of Elite Games, Inc. said. “This bilateral exchange between Korea and the Southeast Asian region also aims to help local educational institutions mold the future of the gaming industry by adapting to the ever-changing needs of the industry and its playerbase.”

This is excellent news as there are untapped very good talents in the Philippines and the rest of the ASEAN region. He further said that, “There are diverse sets of disciplines needed in the development and publishing of games. From business management, marketing, programming, art, game design, quality assurance, sales, content writing, digital advertising, and many more. The aim is to create an ecosystem of young professionals, ready to usher in Southeast Asia, specifically the Philippines, as a global leader and hub of the global gaming industry.”

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Through the incubator programs planned, startups will be able to enhance, learn, and refine their passion, game, and goals. With an immediate chance to showcase their products not just in the region and Korea, but to the global market, with the experience, knowledge, and network that EGI and GCA brings.

Gyeonggi Content Agency representative, Sung Gil Moon, Director of GCA, is excited about their partnership with Elite Games, Inc., “With Elite Games, Inc. helping us provide support and development for our initial launch titles namely Fantasy Tales, Joy Planet, Next Exit, and Velator, they will help us turn them into the most popular, premium mobile games. Many more products will come to Southeast Asia from Korea for all platforms including PC and Consoles.”

Moon also said that through this Philippine-Korean Video Game Cooperation and Partnership, Southeast Asian developers who create great mobile games, will get a shot at introducing their games in one of the most coveted markets in the world. “We look forward to helping startup development companies in the Philippines and others in the SEA region through cooperation and partnership with everyone together with Elite Games.”

For more information about the first four games, simply click the following links: Fantasy Tales, Joy Planet, NextExit, and Velator.

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Philippine-Korean Video Game Cooperation
Elite Games Inc. and Gyeonggi Content Agency announced partnership to level up the Philippines and ASEAN game development industry.

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