My Pet Village Latest Content Update is Now Available

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My Pet Village, a café-management simulation game by PivotGames, released a major content update today which is now available in Google Play and the AppStore. Described as Restaurant City, Pet Society, and FarmVille combined into one, today’s update to My Pet Village will surely bring endless fun to sim fans all over the world.

My Pet Village, other than being a café-management simulation, also offers various café and pet activities. Players can manage and upgrade their café as the business grows; adopt different kind of pets like dogs, cats, and rabbits, to mention a few, and even let them run errands or perform for the customers!

To even make it more exciting and fulfilling to own pets, there are weekly events players can join and participate in the global rankings.

To download or update immediately, visit the game at Google Play Store or the iOS AppStore and comeback here to read what’s new.

What’s New in Patch 2.6.7

A new special event where points can be earned has been added to the game. The points can be used to purchase, for example, a Ratan Theme.

There are also new costumes made available for everyone to enjoy.

A new feature called Laboratory System was added to the game. To use it, players will need Regular Customer Cards. Here are what can be acquired from the new Laboratory System.

  • Increased Delivery Speed by 20%
  • Decrease Speedy Waiting Time (1 hour)
  • Obtain 2x Manufactured Products
  • Change Fabien stall Reset Time (2 hours)
  • Change Stamp Store Reset Time (1 hour)

Of course, there were also bug fixes and one of it will now allow players to restart the previously bugged tutorials and get the reward in their mailbox after completion.

For more information, like My Pet Village‘s official Facebook Page.

My Pet Village Latest Content Update is Now Available
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My Pet Village Latest Content Update is Now Available
With half a million downloads & one of Google Play Editor's Choice, My Pet Village brings new content in Patch 2.6.7.

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