Oren Territory Comes to Lineage 2 Revolution

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Lineage 2 Revolution is on a roll as Netmarble Games releases yet another massive content update to the game. Other than being the fastest-growing mobile game worldwide, it also is the fastest game to receive content updates in recent history, with the introduction of a new region called Oren, and the UR Grade Equipment.

New Area to Explore

In the northern side of Aden is a region called Oren. It is a border area in frequent conflicts and has the most advanced military culture within the kingdom. Powerful monsters has also made it their home and players will be sent in adventures into this new terrority to reap special rewards … if they can survive and come out victorious.

UR Grade Equipment

To help players in their new adventure, the UR grade equipment has been introduced. It can be built by forging SR grade equipment above level 30 with the required four (4) special materials that can be found in Aden, including Recipe, the Equipment material, radiant upgrade stone, and scrap.

The Red Equipment introduced last September was also rebalanced in this content update.

New Level Cap: 260

With these new content comes an increase in the maximum level characters can reach, level 260! Existing dungeons, Daily Dungeon, Equipment Dungeon, Adena Dungeopn, and EXP Dungeon, received a new level of difficulty — Hell Mode. While the Summoning Stone Dungeon now have a Very Hard Mode. Cruma Core, a Clan Dungeon, also received a new difficulty level — Hard Mode.

New Challenges

If you think that was all, in this new content update, an Elite Dungeon was added to the game called Conflict Area. Elite Dungeon: Conflict Area is an extremely difficult dungeon with PK features enabled. Conflict Area was designed for high level players and as such entrance is limited to these characters only.

Continuing with these new challenges is a new Hard and Very Hard Modes in Temporal Rift in its Altar of Madness and Countess of Blood’s Boudoir. While the Tower of Insolence was expanded up to the 100th floor, for adventurers who are brave enough to climb up.

Give Aways

In this update, Lineage 2 Revolution will offer enhanced monthly sign-in rewards, examples are an S grade Exclusive Red Rare Armor Selection Box, S grade Exclusive Rare Armor Selection Box, and R grade Exclusive Rare Armor Box for new and returning players. All existing players on the other hand will receive Blessed Scroll Selection Box, an R grade Exclusive Red or Rare Equipment Selection Box, and Maphr’s Protection.

Also, until November 28th, Netmarble is running the Dice event where players can receive raw materials for UR grade equipment production, such as Unconfirmed Recipe and Ripped Recipe Fragment.

For more information about the game and the latest content update, visit the Lineage 2 Revolution official website and Facebook Page.

Oren Territory Comes to Lineage 2 Revolution
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Oren Territory Comes to Lineage 2 Revolution
Oren Territory, UR Equipment, and harder dungeon modes, awaits players as they try to reach a new level cap in Lineage 2 Revolution!

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