Oceans & Empires Officially Launched

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Form alliances to fight off the Empire and rule the ocean

Joycity, one of the world’s fastest-growing developers of mobile and online games with more than 90 million global users, today announced the worldwide release of Oceans & Empires for Android and iOS devices.

Oceans & Empires is a war strategy simulation mobile game that focuses on war over the ruler of the ocean. Every player will start off with their own dominion, where they will have to fortify and build a fleet to go on conquests and battle against the Empire. The development team aimed to deliver the rich vibe of the Age of Exploration by adding a trade system where players can sail to 60+ international cities and trade resources for profit.

To enjoy Oceans & Empires to its fullest, players need to join or create an alliance. Through strong collaboration with other alliance members, players will be able to build forces to battle against the empire or other alliances. Trade cities will also be open for war for a limited time period, and conquering a city means more perks for all alliance members.

Celebrating the global launch and Thanksgiving day, players will be able to encounter turkey monsters in the oceans as a Thanksgiving day event. Players will be able to hunt giant turkeys for useful items.

Also, anyone who post their best decorated ship flags on the Oceans & Empires official Facebook page will be given an item for faster growth.

The game is available on Google Play and the App Store worldwide and can be played in 14 languages: English, Korean, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, German, French, Indonesian, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, Italian, Turkish, Vietnamese, and Russian.

Key features of Oceans & Empires include:

  • Create or join an alliance to rule the ocean
  • Alliance Battles against the Empire or with other players
  • Battle over trade cities for faster growth
  • Live chat with other players with auto translation feature
  • Fight and win against mystical monsters for unique treasures
  • Brag to friends with battle replay & sharing feature
  • Ship customisation and Lord skills for various perks
Oceans & Empires Officially Launched
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Oceans & Empires Officially Launched
Joycity announced the worldwide release of Oceans & Empires for Android and iOS devices.

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