NTales: Child of Destiny Calling for Heroes Worldwide

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NTales: Child of Destiny, a 2D Pocket RPG from Korean developer, RuleMkr, started the pre-registration phase for the game worldwide. Players who pre-register will receive a variety of exclusive in-game rewards and items.

NTales: Child of Destiny offers a multitude of battles, exploration, and special features. Players have to save the kingdom of Lancia by doing different quests, as well as sub-quests that can be found while exploring. There are over 200 maps available with various monsters to defeat.

The game also features pets that fights alongside them, challenge a dungeon boss with their friends or guild, or take the challenge of the Time Dungeon and Infinity Tower, or simply showcase the latest costumes, equipments, and wings from the numerous items available in the world. There are three (3) special Hero classes available–Cleric, Magician, and Warrior–with an additional sub-classes for each.

NTales: Child of Destiny first had its Soft Launch in the Philippines and it has reached a milestone that pre-registration was finally made available for global players. Players who want to have a new adventure can sign-up today! Great rewards are in store!

For more information, visit the official website, like the official Facebook Page, or join the NTales: Child of Destiny Naver PLUG Community.

NTales: Child of Destiny Calling for Heroes Worldwide
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NTales: Child of Destiny Calling for Heroes Worldwide
A call for heroes has gone worldwide as NTales: Child of Desinty, a mobile MMORPG, opens up pre-registration outside of the Philippines!

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