New Romance of the Three Kingdoms now in Android and iOS

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KOEI TECMO and BBGame have announced that New Romance of the Three Kingdoms is now available for Android and iOS. The launch of the faithful mobile adaptation is accompanied by an action-packed live-action launch trailer.

New RoTK features a huge array of game content for players to dive into from city management to in-depth warfare. Pre-registration for the game was a huge success with over 200,000 players signing up for the launch.

Players can experience the thrill of a fresh Romance of the Three Kingdoms multiplayer experience. Team up with other players and conquer the world with your loyal generals and well-equipped armies. Players will have to grow their empire from the ground up first by developing their capital city and then using their forces to expand their terrain.

New Romance of the Three Kingdoms features a wide array of iconic generals to recruit and level up. Players can once again dive into the IP’s famous bond system to create close bonds between generals which improves performance in battle.

Players can download New Romance of the Three Kingdoms in Android and iOS devices now.

About New Romance of the Three Kingdoms

Since 1985, The Romance of the Three Kingdoms has been one of the most renowned strategic game series in Japan with a huge fanbase. Among its series, the Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI has been an exceptional hit, and the ‘New Romance of the Three Kingdoms’ is the mobile adaptation version to its original, with additional game features for users to experience:

  • Intuitive Grand Strategy gameplay set in the Three Kingdoms timeline.
  • Recruit famous generals of the time such as Lu Bu, Zhao Yun, and more.
  • General bonding system.
  • Relive famous battles and storylines.
  • Global server where players will fight over 1 million map tiles.
  • Multiple gameplay paths: build cities, join an army, recruit generals. There’s something for everyone.
  • Engaging Combat: Fight in city sieges, border skirmishes, and major battlefields as you go head to head with other players and pit your tactics against theirs.

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New Romance of the Three Kingdoms now in Android and iOS
Article Name
New Romance of the Three Kingdoms now in Android and iOS
The much awaited New Romance of the Three Kingdoms is now available in Android and iOS and is accompanied by a live-action launch trailer.

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