New Class Arriving in MU Legend Soon!

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The 5th class to come in WEBZEN‘s highly-popular prequel to MU Online, the MMOARPG MU Legend, will be introducing a support mage very soon!

MU Legend went live in November of last year with four classes: Dark Lord, Blader, War Mage, and Whisperer. Webzen revealed that next month, the support mage Spellbinder class will be arriving in the continent of MU to share her skills in the fight against the enemies of the continent.

The Spellbinder class employs psychic power to strike foes with levitating swords and throwing weapons. Players will want a Spellbinder in their party and take advantage of her wide-area crowd control skills that will surely confuse enemies and avoid a gruesome mob death. However, other heroes should not look down at Spellbinders as they are also capabale of dealing powerful direct damage and come out from a one-on-one match unscatched.

The MU Legend team is on track with the development of the new class and the new content that comes with it. The team will be posting developer updates in the coming weeks with a special touch on the new Spellbinder class, outlining the creative approach to the character design and sharing of concept artworks.

More information about the Spellbinder class will be posted soon in the MU Legend‘s official website. Players can also like the game’s official Facebook Page and join the community.

New Class Arriving in MU Legend Soon!
Article Name
New Class Arriving in MU Legend Soon!
Webzen's MU Legend team has announced its first new class, since its launch in November, will be coming this March. A powerful support mage every party will need to survive.

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