MU Origin 2 in 2017 (with Gameplay Video)

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According to a Taiwanese gaming website, Webzen and Tianma announced that the sequel to the popular mobile game MU Origin has been scheduled for release sometime in 2017. Tianma, the developer of the original MU Origin is the same developer behind MU Origin 2 and the development work has entered its final stage.

Webzen, according to the news, will once again handle game operations in South Korea — to which there is no doubt as it is the company’s headquarters and they own the IP to MU. There was no mention of who will publish MU Origin 2 in the international scene, but since Webzen is the current publisher for the Americas, Europe, and Turkey (except Russia), more likely that they will publish the game in the same regions.

In China, the developer Tianma will once again handle the publishing side. In other countries like Russia and those in the ASEAN region there is no news. It may be up for grabs or the deals were already made. We just have to wait for official announcements.

MU Origin 2 will be based on the same world as the original MU Origin with additional 50% more world map, content, and new features. Tianma started development of the sequel early in 2016 with Webzen’s blessing.

Speculation: MU Origin 2 VietNam Alpha Test

Possibly related, on the 23rd of November, MU VietNam opened their doors players to Alpha Test a new MU Origin version. With an updated visual graphics, new features like a 5v5 duel system, and an ability to own a farm and harvest fruits.

4 new skills for each class

VietNam Alpha Test Gameplay

Could this be MU Origin 2? What do you think?

    MU Origin 2 in 2017 (with Gameplay Video)
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    MU Origin 2 in 2017 (with Gameplay Video)
    Webzen and Tianma announced in China that MU Origin 2 will come in 2017. MU VietNam supposedly started its Alpha Test.

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