One month after the official OBT launch of MU Legend, WEBZEN releases the game’s first content update, the 3v3 PvP feature.

The highly anticipated first set of PvP features is now available, allowing players to compete in a fast-paces, cross-server 3v3 battles. With the cross-server feature, players from difference difference servers can battle it out and declare their server to be the best in their respective regions. Players only have to press the “B” button on their keyboards to join a 3v3 PvP match.

Dennis Czybulka, COO at Webzen Dublin, comments, “Today is an exciting day for MU Legend! This patch introduces the first additional content after our successful OBT release, bringing the thrill of team fights and a new PvP dimension to the game!”

Alongside the launch of the new content, WEBZEN also reveals a January update that marks MU Legend‘s next important milestone on its way to official release. Dennis Czybulka says, “We greatly encourage our players to sharpen their skills on this new PvP system. The fact is, their PvP training will be invaluable when the next content update arrives, which includes the one and only Guild Wars feature: Resilient strength, cunning strategy, and a fierce desire for victory are what count in this deadly battle. Luck will be a spectator while skills will prevail.”

Other updates that came with this content patch were fixes, one was the error where the limiter for the Blue Imprint Scroll (Bound Redzen) was not reset. It should now work as intended after players patch their game. There is also a new round of login rewards that were added, and WEBZEN remind players that the much requested “Party Request” feature is still in development.

If you have not joined hundreds of thousands of players in MU Legend, you can join today as there will be no player-wipe in this OBT. Players can also watch PvP matches in the official MU Legend Twitch channel or like their Facebook Page.

MU Legend Opens Its First PvP Game
Article Name
MU Legend Opens Its First PvP Game
A month after the Open Beta of MU Legend started, Webzen has released its first feature update: 3v3 PvP cross-server battle!

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