MSI will be launching its GT83VR, GT73VR, GT72VR, GT62VR, GS63VR, GS43VR, GE72MVR, GE62VR, GP72, GP62MVR, and GL72/GL62 series into the market, featuring the latest Intel® 7th generation CPUs, chipsets, and NVIDIA® GeForce® GTS 10 GPUs. MSI affirms its position at the head of the high-end gaming market, bringing gamers all over the world the latest and greatest technologies.

MSI aligns with Intel® to move forward for all users who desire better VR experience and video/gaming experience in early 2017. These MSI Gaming laptops are expected to increase 15% (non-OC) to 25% (OC) in CPU performance boost. The gaps between laptops and desktops are further shortened to essentially none, delivering the faster and smoother performance for all gamers.

The New GTX 1050 and 1050TI now in MSI Notebooks

In addition to the new CPU, MSI will be implementing NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX1050 Ti & GTX1050 graphics into the arsenal so that gamers of different calibers can enjoy an even more personalized gaming notebook for work, school, or for killing hordes of zombies, anywhere.

The GTX 1050 Ti reflects the 15% higher performance compared to GTX965M. The GTX 1050 are going to replace the market position of GTX960M for performance level gamers and power users.

If you’re looking for the latest gaming technology, or a casual user simply looking for a capable notebook that can do just about anything and not having to upgrade your notebook for a long time, MSI just might be the next best option for you to check out.

Enhanced Cooler Boost 4 Technology

If you’re a gamer or a tech-savvy PC user, you’d know the one arch nemesis for all gaming notebooks, heat. What does heat do to your notebook you ask? Well for one it does much more than just creating heated discomfort on your palms, or your legs if you’re resting the notebook on them; uncontrolled heat will decrease notebook’s performance, and eventually damage/reduce components’ longevity.

Fortunately, MSI’s Cooler Boost 4 is here to save the day. With twin fan design, each fan cooling the CPU and GPU respectively, will ensure your components and performance stay cool under pressure. The thick copper heat pipes also help for optimal thermal management. And if you’re still not satisfied with the fans, don’t worry; you may activate our turbo fan boost, pretty much means injecting NOS gas into the fans, increasing its RPM and blasting those heat away.

Game away for hours boys and girls, the Cooler Boost 4 will keep this bad boy from your arch nemesis.

World’s First Nahimic VR in MSI Gaming

MSI does not merely focus on gaming but also VR. The world’s first Nahimic VR with 7.1 sound is now provided exclusively to some MSI gaming notebooks, driving the audio more advanced to VR.

MSI always strives to give our fans and users the latest, coolest, and high performance gaming platforms; most importantly, the gaming notebooks must be built with the most efficient cooling design to ensure gamers can continue gaming for hours on end without burning their notebooks. True Gaming PC, we are Gaming is our core concept in designing our notebooks with enjoyment and passion; as we want nothing more than having all users and dragon fans to have the finest gaming experience and PC performance from our products, and not just having the same specs as everybody else.

MSI Philippines notebooks are available in all authorized dealers. For more details, please visit the MSI Where to Buy page.

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MSI Philippines Launching the Latest VR Notebooks
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MSI Philippines Launching the Latest VR Notebooks
MSI to launch multiple VR gaming laptops powered by Intel CPU and NVIDIA GPU with the latest and greatest technologies that gamers need.

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