MSI Philippines Joins World of Consumer Electronics Expo

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Micro-Star International (“MSI Gaming“) will be participating in the World Consumer Electronics Expo organized by WorldBex this September 21 to 24, 2017 at World Trade Center, Pasay City, from 11am to 6pm, at the Halls A, B, and C. Admission is free and the MSI Booth is located at 212.

WOCEE a four-day business-to-consumer trade expo showcases the latest technological innovations from here and abroad. To introduce the Filipino consumer market and enables visitors from across the country to navigate, explore, to see, feel and hear first-hand exciting consumer electronics in terms of features. From personal electronics — personal computing, virtual reality gear, mobility — to revolutionize the technology industry with the state-of-the-art IT systems and products.

The venue is open for free to consumers, entrepreneurs, gamers, technology enthusiasts, professionals and also students can cultivate the experience also into your homes as WOCEE 2017 will be turn into a huge department store lets them purchase all their technology needs. Micro-Star International (MSI Gaming) itself will be selling and bid certain units on the event.

WOCEE will be also the host of other events inside the venue that is specifically to educate consumers, students and visitors on site. This includes series of seminars on the latest technology trends, Tech Product Forum Discussion, Product demonstration and launch.

Micro-Star International (MSI Gaming) has booth located at 212, and during these 4 days, visit MSI booth and check out and Enjoy the Big saving with MSI Exclusive Sale plus get MSI Premium Items for free when one purchase an eligible MSI Notebook, not only sale but MSI will be holding an Auction sale promotion “Bid & Own a MSI Laptop”.

For the Bid & Own MSI Laptop, just follow the below mechanics:

  • Minimum 10 bidders per Auction Sale session.
  • Registration required on-site.
  • Bid Starts at ₱5,000
  • Minimum Bid increment is ₱500
  • Eligible MSI Notebook Models for Auction Sale is for cash payment only
  • Bidding schedule:
    2017-09-22 2:00 PM CX62 7QL-014PH
    4:00 PM CX62 7QL-014PH
    6:00 PM CX62 7QL-014PH
    2017-09-23 2:00 PM GP72 6QF LEOPARD PRO-850PH
    4:00 PM GL62 6QE-1045PH
    6:00 PM GP72 6QF LEOPARD PRO-850PH

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MSI Philippines Joins World of Consumer Electronics Expo
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MSI Philippines Joins World of Consumer Electronics Expo
MSI Philippines joins World Consumer Electronics Expo, a four-day business-to-consumer trade expo showcasing the latest tech innovations.

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