Vielha, Catalonia, Spain – Spanish independent developers Snowpeak Studio have announced their debut title Blood Ancestors. Set to be a team-based multiplayer game focused on medieval fantasy warfare, the game is setting its sights for an August Steam Early Access release with an open beta coming within the next few weeks.

A massively multiplayer online first-person shooter game set in medieval times, Blood Ancestors, will remind long-time first-person shooter gamers of the first medieval FPS, Heretic. Remember that egg that turns the target into a chicken? Yeah! Sorry, it’s not in this game but the developer has brought in features that will surely put it in the top.

Developer Snowpeak Studio is shaking things up in its first-person objective based multiplayer, by cleverly adding in a two-phase gameplay system that will keep teams thinking on their toes, allowing for dynamic gameplay and challenging objectives with the ultimate goal being to claim the Blood Relic.

The Game

In Blood Ancestors three warring factions are duking it out to claim the all-powerful Blood Relic for their own survival in a dying and ruin-filled medieval fantasy world. Claiming the Blood Relic will require your team of five to strategize and work together in fast-paced melee driven combat to take the Relic. Players can expect quick rounds in Blood Ancestors, and full games lasting around 25 minutes.

In case it wasn’t clear, there’s an overarching theme of Blood Ancestors: blood! In order for a team to claim the Blood Relic for their own, you’ll need to be victorious in two phases. Defend your Bearer while laying some hurt on the enemy team in order to keep control of the Relic in phase one. Crystals in the arena will provide some extra flair for strategy, choose health or speed for your Bearer, but choose wisely as these buffs carry on into phase two.

Claim the Relic in phase one and your team is on its way to medieval victory if you can manage to stave off the enemy team in the second phase. Your team’s ultimate goal is to reach the enemy spawn portal before your time runs out or your Bearer is a little worse for wear, by little worse we mean dead.

David Broto, Technical Director and co-founder of Snowpeak said, “We are excited to announce Blood Ancestors and we as a team cannot wait to dive into the fast-paced action with players very soon!” He added, “Blood Ancestors is our studio’s debut game and it’s our passion project from start to finish. We hope that the phase system in particular, as well as the general gameplay, will appeal to fans of team-based multiplayer games as we feel that changing the objectives during gameplay adds a certain interesting element to the genre.”

An FPS with Skills

While bringing some hurt on to the enemy team sounds fun enough, Blood Ancestors lets you flex those brain muscles by giving each player three customisable skills using skill trees and class configuration. Primary and secondary attacks also fill out the player’s toolkit and an ultimate ability that players can charge up to three times to use when it’s most needed and potentially change the tide of battle. Choose to build your skills around your team or shift your focus to thwarting the enemy team.

Blood Ancestors will be coming to PC (Steam) in August and more information about the open beta will be coming next week.

Key Features

  • Team-based multiplayer
  • Fast-paced combat
  • Two-phase match system
  • Melee focused combat
  • Customizable skill trees and class configuration.
  • Charge up Ultimate abilities to unleash devastating combos.
  • Unlock custom skins, weapons, attacks and sounds through gameplay.
  • Set in a medieval fantasy world with three warring factions.
  • 6 Archetypes across three-factions combine for 18 playable class options.

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MMOFPS Blood Ancestors Announced
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