Miri, the Last Draker, Arrives in Vindictus

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In this month’s Vindictus (Mabinogi Heroes) content update, Nexon America releases the twelfth, yes, twelfth hero class for players to play to help in vanquishing the ever growing number and threat of evil in the world–Miri, a female warrior.

Miri is a powerful hero with an ancient connection to the potent dragons of the past. She possesses abilities unseen in the human lands. Wielding the imposing weapon Dragonspire, she channels the winged masters of the sky to turn anything that stands between her and her destiny to ash.

Vindictus or Mabinogi Heroes, is a prequel to the MMORPG Mabinogi where heroes battle in a forlorn world where monsters terrorise the last bastions of humanity. It is one of the best and longest running Action-RPG in the market today, where player skills matter and not how fast one clicks their mouse or press their keyboards. With its visually stunning graphics and complex, fast-paced combat system unmatched by any other similar games, Vindictus is yet to be unseated from its top spot.

Miri’s Unique Abilities

The newest hero to help the world is Miri. She is the twelfth to have responded to the call and players can now use her unique abilities and special skills in their fight against the tides of darkness.

  • Flamebreath: Building up Miri’s unique Flamebreath resource and unleashing it with an array of skills and strikes can overwhelm opponents with dragon flame
  • Slither: Darting past enemies like a quick and slippery snake can help Miri get the upper hand on positioning. Consuming Flamebreath creates devastating follow-up attacks.
  • Slice and Dice: Charging forward with the massive and deadly Dragonspire, players assuming Miri will slice through and stun anything in their way. Inflicting extra damage by consuming FLamebreath will ravage opponents.
  • Blazing Spine: Drawing on Miri’s dragon heritage, players can summon a massive ball of fire to unleash upon foes.
  • Ancestral Garb: Calling upon the mighty ancient dragons of yore, Miri transforms into a fearsome winged, armor-clad Dragon Knight. Embracing the lethal and unrestrained power of the transformation, Flamebreath can be used without limit to incinerate enemies with endless torrents of flame.

Special Holiday Events

With the holiday season upon us, Nexon America has prepared various events for all Vindictus players to enjoy.

  • Giveaways. Every Saturday and Sunday between December 9th, 2017 and January 7th, 2018, players can receive valuable in-game items, including cash items and a festive Santa outfit.
  • Double Experience and Exclusive Title. For the first three weekends after Miri’s release, players will earn double experience and even receive an exclusive title by reaching level 95 before January 10th, 2018.
  • Revamped Guild System.
  • Improved Campfires. Players can purchase buffs from campfires that will aid them in battle and prompt additional item drops.
  • Auxiliary Equipment for All. Totems, previously referred to as spellbooks, are now available for Lann, Karok, Kai, Vella, Hurk, Lynn, and Delia, giving players additional stat increases.

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Miri, the Last Draker, Arrives in Vindictus
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Miri, the Last Draker, Arrives in Vindictus
The longest running and unbeatable Action-RPG, Vindictus (Mabinogi Heroes) has released its 12th Hero Class. Meet Miri, the Last Draker!

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