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Most think of gaming as a way to escape from our daily problems, a way to relax and be in another world. For some politicians and mass media, gaming is a source of violence and it molds people to become war-freak adults (despite studies against their unfounded claims).

However for gamers, gaming is a community. A way not only to escape temporarily the many challenges of this world but to also meet new people, make new friends, and even find our forever.

We are all humans. We can not escape the reality of death. We mourn for our dearly departed since the days when humans first walked on this world. Even if those who passed away were total strangers to us, we stop to give our respects.

In the gaming community, gamers set a day of mourning to remember a member of the community who passed away. When the game developers get involved, a shrine is added to memorialise the gamer. This have been the tradition since the days of the early text-based games called MUDs/MUSHes which continues to this era of mobile augmented reality games, like QONQR.

Recently, a well known player, contributor, friend, and family, passed away. He was known in-game as “txmotley”. He was especially close with the game developer “Silver” yet they haven’t met offline. He was that gamer who constantly gave constructive feedback and suggestions for the game. He was that gamer who unofficially took on the mantle to be the “community manager” of the game. His love for QONQR and it community and success is unmatched.

He wasn’t the first member of the QONQR community to have moved on in their new adventure, and let’s face the reality, he won’t be the last. A memorial has been in the plate for new features in the game when the news arrived of txmotley’s passing.

Today, that feature went live in both Android and iOS clients. As QONQR is a real-tie military strategy augmented reality game where players send “bots” to attack and take control of zones, the memorial took on the form similar to a gun salute.

Players who wished to give their gun salute can search for the player’s in-game name in the app and they will be able to send their “bots” to a memorial page. This is then viewable via a web browser where any QONQR player can see anytime.

Farewell txmotley! We know you’re preparing for your new adventure somewhere and somewhen. You will be missed and remembered here.


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Memorials Added in QONQR
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Memorials Added in QONQR
Remembering our family & friends in online games helps us mourn and keep their memories alive. QONQR adds a [gun] salute to the game today.

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