Luminary’s Archaios Mirrodin: New Hunting Ground

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The greatest scientist of universe, Andromeda has it’s on way-out to the world of Luminary.

In the world of Archaíos Mirrodin there is a peaceful town around the parallel universe. Then all of a sudden the evil monster Omega Sin Ex conquered the land and destroy the whole universe. Andromeda was the one who survive and have escape to the evil monster.

Then accidentally having a malfunction on the system upon escaping and suddenly portal appeared and the villain from each constellation was castaway in the land of Abel.

Let us help Andromeda bring back her town from the evil monster, Omega Sin Ex. Defeat monsters and collect the all materials to bring back the whole universe.

What’s New?

  1. New Dungeon (System) – Archaois Mirrodin 1F and Archaois Mirrodin 2F
  2. Three New Portals to the Boss Room.
  3. New Mobs
  4. New Boss
  5. New Item Drops / Materials

Boss Room (Server Time)

Location to Archaios Mirrodin

Located at Field (782, 643)

Archaios Mirrodin

New NPC: Andromeda

The greatest scientist of Universe


  1. Character Level 160 and UP.
  2. Must form a Party (Minimum of 2 Party members including Party Leader)
  3. 1 Quantum Cube


  1. Disable the function of “Move to Friend/Party Member”.
  2. Restrict Level 159 and below characters to enter the Dungeon, unless a player has the Adventurer’s Pass.
  3. Once you move/teleport outside, you won’t be able to come back.

Boss Room Mechanics

  1. 9:00 | 15:00 | 21:00 | 03:00 Preparation Time
  2. 9:15 | 15:15 | 21:15 | 03:15 Opening of the portals
  3. 9:17 | 15:19 | 21:17 | 03:17 Appearance of Omega Sin Ex
  4. Team must kill Omega Sin Ex within 15 minutes.
  5. After 15 minutes, all players inside will be kicked out from the Boss Room.
  6. Regardless of the status of the Boss Monster, you and your party members will be kicked directly back to Hanyang.

Checklist before Entering the Boss Room

  1. Form a party.
  2. Item Requirements of Dungeon
  3. Team Leader MUST HAVE the item requirement
  4. Check team member
  5. Always check the schedules of the Boss Room
  6. Watch out for system announcements
  7. Check the location of Portals
  8. Watch out for other teams

Tips and Reminders

  1. Make sure PARTY LEADER has the QUANTUM CUBE.
  2. PARTY LEADER must have the QUANTUM CUBE to enter the Boss Room.
  4. Only then, party members can enter the Boss Room.
  5. Make sure to bring Blessed Resurrection Potion with you.
  6. Once you got killed without it, you can never go back inside.
  7. You have 15 minutes to kill the Boss, make sure to have enough party members.
  8. Always watch out for other party members, they might kill you to get the spot.
  9. Total of 3 parties can enter, 1 party for each portal.
Luminary's Archaios Mirrodin: New Hunting Ground
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Luminary's Archaios Mirrodin: New Hunting Ground
In Part 2 of Luminary: Rise of Goonzu update, we take a look into a new feature that will test the player's strength and power!

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