The first teaser trailer of NCsoft‘s upcoming mobile game, Lineage M, is now available via PlayNC’s YouTube channel. You can watch it below.

Is a self-confessed bibliophile and technophile other than being an early adopter, an avid gamer, a geek, nerd, role-player, anime otaku, and trekker.

His first online project was in 1998 when he launched the unofficial website for Ansalon MUD (a text-based, telnet online game) and his own community forums Laibcoms.Community. By 2003 he created his work blog GM-Yukino which grew into gameshogun™, Snoworld™, and techmagus™ over the years.

Yuki’s latest project is Verses.Space™, a Free Culture / Creative Commons, collaborative, and shared-world, worldbuilding and writing project.

His hubsite is Tomes of Knowledge™. He also runs YourOnly.One™, One Way Faith™, Adorable & Beautiful™, Clean Real Food™, and other online properties.

You can confirm his identity from his Keybase profile and learn more by reading his central bio.

Lineage M First Teaser Trailer
Lineage M First Teaser Trailer

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