Developer Bitbox has released a new trailer for their medival sandbox massively multiplaer online role-playing game, Life is Feudal: MMO. This new trailer shows what it is like for the first five hours after logging-in to the game.

Life is Feudal: MMO is a large-scale group-focused RPG where gamers can play in a highly realistic, non-fantasy, medieval, sandbox world. This is not a game for those who only want hack and slash. However, if you are up for the challenge, if you want to know what an MMORPG originally was, then dive in and get life in Life is Feudal: MMO.

In this game, expect to gather supplies to craft materials for things you need to survive, there’s a tool for crafting houses, an axe for cutting trees, a knife for slicing… well anything that needs slicing. Working with other players to build towns and eventually kingdoms or nation-states is vital as well. Defending each other from those that desires to turn your work into ashes, as well as go on an adventure to explore the vast world to discover new things and places. Yes, you have to work for your food so you can eat and not die of hunger.

The game is in its beta stage and you can join by visiting the official website at You can also follow them in their official Facebook Page and Twitter account.

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    First 5 Hours in Life is Feudal: MMO
    First 5 Hours in Life is Feudal: MMO

    To ease your medieval growing pains, we’re making an introductory guide for players. Off we go, fasten your leather seatbelts and get ready, it’s now time for your FIRST FIVE HOURS IN LIFE IS FEUDAL.

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