Judge Rules Banning Video Games Is Unconstitutional


This is a case in the United States but doesn’t mean it isn’t for the Philippines and other countries, especially those who looks-up to the US as an example to the extent of copying their systems.

The statements put forward by the law’s supporters claiming a link existed between video game violence and real world violent behavior were refuted by the judge: It could just as easily be said that the interactive element in video games acts as an outlet for minors to vent their violent or aggressive behavior, thereby diminishing the chance they would actually perform such acts in reality.

The court said, “Dr. [Craig] Anderson’s studies have not provided any evidence that the relationship between violent video games and aggressive behavior exists.” It added that the evidence introduced alleging that new brain mapping studies show a link between violent games and aggressive thought is equally unpersuasive. “The research not only fails to provide concrete evidence that there is a connection between violent media and aggressive behavior, it also fails to distinguish between video games and other forms of media,” the Judge wrote.

Before we start pointing fingers to games, be it RPG, FPS, RTS, Action, PvP, Racing, arcade, console, PC/Mac, let us first prove that gaming has something to do with violence. Soon we will be producing adults who are more nationalistic and with a high sense of familiness, not War-Freak Adults.

Read more about the judge’s decision here.

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