Ingress, the massively multiplayer augmented reality game (“MMOARG”) by Niantic Labs, opened to the public its latest offering — the Ingress Store. It is no different from the microtransaction or “Item Mall” offered in other MMOGs where you purchase non-game changer and non-advantageous items.

What’s in-Store? How to buy an extra 500 inventory slots for portal keys?

Note: Currency in this post and the screenshots is in Philippine ₱eso, with a Google exchange rate value in US Dollars (not in-game price in USD).

How to Buy

It’s simple:

  1. Open the Ingress app
  2. Click the “Ops” button
  3. After the “Inventory” tab is the “Store” tab, tap that
  4. Tap the item you want to buy and a prompt will ask you to buy Chaotic Matter Units or CMUs
  5. Or, you can scroll to the bottom and purchase a CMU package of your choice

CMU Packages

There are six (6) CMU packages available at launch.

  • 2,500 CMU worth ₱91.83 (at today’s U$ – Ph₱ exchange rate; roughly U$1.963)
  • 7,000 CMU for ₱230.26 (U$4.921)
  • 15,000 CMU for ₱460.98 (U$9.852)
  • 32,000 CMU for ₱922.42 (U$19.71)
  • 90,000 CMU for ₱2,306.74 (U$49.30)
  • 200,000 CMU for ₱4,613.94 (U$98.61)

Obviously, if you buy the bigger packages, you will save a lot as it comes with a bonus CMU. Example, for ₱922.42 (U$19.71) you get 32,000 CMU, but if you purchase 2x 15,000 CMU for ₱460.98 (U$9.85) each, you only get 30,000 CMU for a total price of ₱921.96 (U$19.70).

Basically, the bigger the package, the bigger the bonus CMU. You get 20,000 CMU for free by purchasing the 200,000 CMU package for ₱4,613.94 (U$98.61) than buying 2x 90,000 CMU for ₱2,306.74ea (U$49.30ea).

A tip, think long-term. Consider it an investment, especially if you are purchasing in your local currency, the price fluctuates with your country’s exchange rate against the US Dollars. Not to mention, the available items are mostly not that useful, at least for me. See for yourself in the next section.

Available Items

Here are the current items that you can purchase in the Store.

  • Portal Fracker: Double Hack Output for 10 Minutes, worth 2400 CMU
  • 1x Key Locker: Store 100 Portal Keys outside of Inventory limit, for 3700 CMU.
    • Comes in five (5) colors: blue, green, yellow, red, and grey
    • Maximum of 5 per account
  • Key Locker Pack: Pack of 5 Key Lockers for 14900 CMU
    • Will give you all 5 colors automatically (not possible to choose)
    • You save 3600 CMU than by purchasing individually
  • Beacons: Display above the target Portal for 4 hours, 1300 CMU for 3x
    • Enlightened Beacon (note: I am assuming only Enlightened will see this)
    • Resistance Beacon (note: I am assuming only Resistance will see this)
    • Generic Beacon (note: I am assuming both factions will see this)
    • Meetup Beacon (note: I am assuming both factions will see this)

That’s about it. No doubt, what will everybody initially purchase will be the Key Lockers, as it will free up a total of 500 inventory slots (if you purchase 5). The second top seller will be the Portal Fracker because of the upcoming Abaddon Anomaly, Agents on both sides need to farm gears.

But will the beacons sell as we get closer to November 14, Abaddon Anomaly event? It could be very useful but with the agents carrying radios, a fraction of a second just to release a beacon can mean the defeat of a faction and victory for the other.

Niantic is surely hoping to capitalized on the upcoming Abaddon event, hence, they released the Ingress Store today. If you do not have it yet, first be sure to upgrade to version 1.85.1 and then wait. They are gradually enabling access to accounts on a random basis. At least we haven’t figured out any pattern.

Any items do you want to see in the Store? Share your ideas! Or maybe concerns… I’m sure you have one or two questions bothering you.

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