On the 1st of December 2018, Ingress Philippines held two events at the Bonifacio Global City, the BGC Passionfest Mission Day and the December First Saturday.

The day started with the BGC Passionfest Mission Day at 10:00 in the morning when the six (6) missions with 10 portals each went online. All six missions must be completed in order to qualify for the Mission Day badge and some portals out of 60 required a passphrase or a correct answer to the question. Yours truly finished all six missions in an hour, and I was like the 3rd or 4th to do so. In other words, the other Ingress Philippines agents before finished in less than an hour!

By 14:00 in the afternoon, the December First Saturday event kicked-off. This was a simple event wherein agents from both factions (Enlightened and Resistance) have to gather as much AP or Access Points (“Experience Points”) within a set time period. By the end of the event, the acquired AP will be recorded by the agent and submitted to Niantic by the even organisers for the reward. The reward is simple but sweet, Niantic will double the AP acquired for each agent.

Resistance Philippines
Resistance Philippines (image by gameshogun™ under CC BY-SA 4.0)

It was a tiring day but very fun. Meeting up with friends from both factions is what makes this game worth it. Of course, Ingress is also an exercise as we have to walk or run to reach the portals. Check out the photos I’ve taken below.

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Ingress Philippines BGC Passionfest & December First Saturday Events
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Ingress Philippines BGC Passionfest & December First Saturday Events
Ingress Philippines held its BGC Passionfest Mission Day & December First Saturday events last December 1st. Check out the photos!

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