HTML5 Galatron Launches in Messenger Games

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Space Shooter Game Showcases the Next Generation of Instant HTML5 Messenger Games

Strap in and prime the blasters to battle waves of alien attackers as fast-paced space shooter game Galatron launches, developed by Big Viking Games, the largest independent mobile and social game studio in Canada and a pioneer in HTML5 Messenger Instant Games. Available on Facebook Messenger (mobile and desktop) for free, Galatron has players blast through hordes of alien ships, dodge devastating meteors, and battle epic bosses in a quest to save the galaxy.

As pilot of a sleek and powerful starfighter, Valkyrie, it’s up to players to maneuver tactfully during intense dogfights and lead their squadron to victory. To help in the fight, players can upgrade their weapons, customize their ships, and rack up bonuses for obliterating waves of invaders. Then use these scores to challenge friends on Facebook and see who is the top pilot in the universe.

“Big Viking Games has been at the forefront of HTML5 development, and with Galatron we’re able to really present that technology and show what a game on messenger can look like,” said Albert Lai, Co-founder and CEO of Big Viking Games. “Galatron has features and gameplay that many thought were impossible in an instant messenger game so we’re excited for players to see that and realise that this is really a viable platform for quality games.”

For more information on Galatron please visit the game’s website or follow Big Viking Games on Facebook and Twitter.

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HTML5 Galatron Launches in Messenger Games
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HTML5 Galatron Launches in Messenger Games
Space Shooter Game Showcases the Next Generation of Instant HTML5 Messenger Games

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