Heroes Evolved Arabic, First MOBA for the Middle East

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eSports have become dramatically popular around the whole world, and even more popular than the traditional sports in some countries. There’s not enough attention and support for eSports in the Middle East. 91% games haven’t provided local servers and 98% mainstream games do not support Arabic language. Now, a popular MOBA game, Heroes Evolved Arabic is ready to take a step to this area.

Developed by NetDragon Websoft Inc., Heroes Evolved Arabic is the world’s first micro-client MOBA game. It applies NetDragon’s independent S3 engine, which brings colorful next generation 3D graphics. It only takes 3 seconds to download the game and 10 seconds to start playing. In order to provide the best gaming experience, the game servers will be located in Egypt and Dubai, and users can select either Arabic or English to start gaming. In the game, there are hundreds of heroes to choose from. Gamers need to bring down the enemies and their base to win utilizing teamwork and strategy.

Different from those pay-to-win games, Heroes Evolved Arabic pays attention to fairness. The matching system will select opponents for gamers according to historical performance. The only way to victory is all about teamwork and strategy.

Heroes Evolved Arabic has been very active in the major eSport competitions since it was released. There are a total of 100 million gamers around the world. The overall prize pool of 2016 world champiosnhip reached $20,000,000. Heroes Evolved Arabic is ready to open to the Middle East, looking for the professional gamers. Team up with your friends, and your team will even have the opportunity to take part in the world tournaments.

From zero to hero, just join Heroes Evolved Arabic. You’re not venturing out alone. Create your own team with your passion, determination, and unprecented teamwork ethic, and they go professional. Fight for the honor of your own, and fight for the honor of your team!

Join the on-gooing beta test, you can immediately unlock Anubis for free! What’s more, if you follow Heroes Evolved Arabic on Facebook, you can unlock an extra exclusive hero Cleopatra as reward!

Heroes Evolved Arabic, The First MOBA for the Middle East
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Heroes Evolved Arabic, The First MOBA for the Middle East
Heroes Evolved, the first online micro-client MOBA game, launches Arabic version and server in the Middle East. Giving away two exclusive heroes for free!

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