Shooting for the Stars with Miss Armon 2019

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Hello Hero: Epic Battle, the number 1 mobile RPG, continues onto 2019 with more excitement and even more events! Welcome all, to the old guardians and hopefully to the new ones too! We will be kicking off the year with two grand events!

The great land of Armon has its fair share of gorgeous heroes, but who do you think stands out amongst all of them? Who do you think should represent the wonderful land the Guardians protect day in and day out? Who is Miss Armon 2019? Guardians, this may be the toughest quest you will ever embark on. The full mechanics of the events can be seen on the official Facebook fan page:

Last year was a great year for Hello Hero: Epic Battle, let us make this year even bigger and better. Alright heroes, get in formation and may the best lady win. Miss Armon 2019 will be the toughest, fairest, most noble and beautiful hero there is. Aren’t you curious who it will be?

Event 1: Miss Armon 2019 – Conquest Round

This event will involve putting together a full team of female heroes and heading off to Conquest mode to see how far your team can reach.

Event 2: Miss Armon 2019 – World Boss Challenge Round

This event will involve creating a team from the Top 15 candidates of the Miss Armon 2019 event, and seeing how they fair in the World Boss Challenge.

Happy Gaming, ladies and gents!

Key Game Features:

  • Over 100 Customizable Heroes!
  • Stunning 3D Graphics and Gameplay
  • Various Modes to Fight in (Adventure Mode, Expedition, Conquest, World Boss, Battlefield, and plenty more!)
  • Immersive storyline filled with eccentric environments and characters
  • Unlock Ultimate skills and unleash the Hero’s full potential
  • Smart Toy figures with exclusive boosts and rewards

Get the game here:

Shooting for the Stars with Miss Armon 2019
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Shooting for the Stars with Miss Armon 2019
More exciting events arrive in Fincon's blockbuster mobile game, Hello Hero: Epic Battle!

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