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I did! I bought ArenaNet‘s Guild Wars 2 Digital Deluxe Edition! Ho0ray! This will allow me to play in the 3-day headstart three (3) weeks from now, 25th of August 2012 at 3:00pm ACT. Yes, that close. Five years of waiting and now we’re down to 3-weeks!

Buying the game online is simple, just follow these steps:

  1. Visit, the official website
  2. Click the “Shop” link at the menu currently located at the top-right side of the page
  3. It will bring you to Guild Wars 2‘s online store
  4. Then choose from three editions
    • Digital Edition (which is equivalent to the Standard retail box)
    • Digital Deluxe Edition (only available online)
    • Collector’s Edition (only available as a boxset, and as such have to be bought via their official retail partners)

After much deliberation with myself, I decided to buy the Digital Deluxe Edition. It comes with these five great in-game bonuses:

  • Summon Mistfire Wolf Elite Skill: This unique elite skill allows the player to summon a temporary Mistfire Wolf pet for use in combat.
  • Rytlock Miniature: This rare miniature is a perfect replica of Rytlock Brimstone and will accompany your character on all of their adventures throughout Tyria.
  • Golem Banker: Your very own golem banker, at your command for 5 days! This mechanical man-servant will grant you access to your account storage from anywhere in the world.
  • Chalice of Glory: Earn some extra Glory with this one-time use chalice. Use Glory to unlock rewards in PvP as well as compare your progress against other players.
  • Tome of Influence: Give your guild a one-time boost of influence. Useful for unlocking guild vaults, emblems, and other items for your guild.

It costs €74.99/£64.99/U$79.99 or ₱3,300 (depends on the current exchange rate). As compared to the Digital Edition (similar to the Standard retail box — but without the box), the difference is more or less just ₱800 which is one-day worth of day-job. So I suggest that you take advantage of it, after all, the game is free-to-play forever.

Back to pre-purchasing, you will see the following pages as you move forward with your order.

Credit Card Information
Account Registration and Linking with your Guild Wars 1 Account (if you have one)
Information Update and Display Name

What is a “Display Name”?

Your display name is a unique account identifier that consists of a name and a randomly generated four-digit code. You’ll use it on the Forums, and in Guild Wars 2 after launch. The name and four-digit code will be your handle on the Forums. The four-digit code does not appear in the game itself unless another player chooses the same name, in which case both your name and the four-digit code will appear.

So choose wisely because you will never be able to change it, unless ArenaNet decides to add that feature (which I doubt, not in five years at least).

After that you’ll see the congratulations page, as you have seen at the beginning of this blog post.

Don’t forget that the 3-day headstart will begin on 25th of August 2012 at exactly 12:00mn US-Pacific time. That is on the 25th of August 2012 at exactly 3:00pm ACT for those who are here in the Asean region (f. South-East Asia region).

See you in-game!!

Want to buy Guild Wars 2 boxsets? You can do so right here!

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