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In the US, they have what they call April Fools Day which happens to be today. For this year, the Google Maps team brought back PAC-MAN as MsPacMaps. Here’s how to play it.

  1. Go to
  2. Look at the lower-left corner of the page, click the “Pac-Man” icon besides the “Satellite” icon
  3. Play the game!

Here’s a tip. The game will use the map area centered in your view. If you want a challenge, look for plenty of curved, zig-zag, circular roads, before clicking the Pac-Man icon.


Google Maps #MsPacMaps
Article Name
Google Maps #MsPacMaps
The Google Maps team brought back PAC-MAN as MsPacMaps in this year's April Fools Day (nothing foolish here, you should definitely play it).

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