GamerToken announces their GTX Token Sale

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After months of building out their Marketplace Demo and securing partnerships from the traditional gaming world, theGamerToken project will open its Token Sale to the public on September 27th! Contributors will be able to participate after their successful registration on the Token Foundry platform.

This follows GamerToken’s recent partnership announcement with international esports team Tempo Storm, which will include the integration of Tempo Storm’s upcoming deckbuilding game, “The Bazaar”, into the GamerToken ecosystem.

After a year of hard work and gainful partnerships, we are happy to announce the GTX Token Sale to our community. We look forward to providing the gaming industry with new means of engaging their players and introducing a range of benefits for developers, publishers and gamers,” said CEO of GamerToken, Jens Knauber.

GamerToken, a game developer-supported project, features a global marketplace for trading, renting and designing unique in-game items on the Ethereum blockchain. The GTX token is used to transact in the GamerToken Marketplace and will offer a staking mechanism, allowing users to vote on design and crowdfunding projects.

The GTX Token Sale adheres to the Token Foundry’s Standards for Consumer Tokens, which is a framework for selling consumer tokens and launching decentralized networks, ensuring that GTX tokens will be offered to actual users of the network.

Now the GTX token can be tested in a blockchain integrated version of the popular MMO Fiesta Online published by the leading game company gamigo group. Players can earn GTX and unique items for their in-game achievements and trade them on the decentralized Marketplace Demo.

GamerToken will announce additional game developer launch partners in the coming weeks leading up to their public sale.

Further information about the GamerToken project can be found on the GamerToken Medium blog as well as on their website, Twitter and Telegram group.

All details of the GamerToken Token Sale, such as dates and contribution requirements, are subject to change at the discretion of the GamerToken team.

GamerToken announces their GTX Token Sale
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GamerToken announces their GTX Token Sale
After months of building and securing partnerships from the traditional gaming world, GamerToken will open its Token Sale on September!

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