Find the NextExit in this new Dungeon Escape Game

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NextExit – THE 1st EXIT Dungeon Escape Game by Pier Corporation, Inc., is an escapist platformer with simple controls that is easy to learn but hard to master. With numerous ways to die, the game reminds players that each instance of death is a lesson to learn, and it is never the end until the player quits. To top it all off, players can create their own elaborate level using the numerous items and props in the game.

The story goes that Sausage guy, yes, you read that right, came from a planet earthlings call Kepler-22b, for a summer vacation. However, an evil human captured Sausage guy for research, who wouldn’t, right? Due to various experiments done on him–and we can probably imagine what experiments those were–Sausage guy is now handicapped. His movements are limited, left and right, and double jump.

With the help of good humans–that means you and me–it is hoped that we can send him back to his own planet in Kepler-22b and be reunited with his family, and maybe warn them about Planet Earth in the process or hope they still see good in us earthlings. Sausage guy is currently in a laboratory somewhere here on earth. Players will guide him in his escape and survive 100 stages to get to his freedom.

Game Features

  • Simple platforming controls
  • Accumulative time and death count (infinite lives)
  • Exciting levels with unique traps and environments
  • Endless replayability through user-created levels

Can you finish all 100 stages and help Sausage guy escape? Give the Global version a try today!

Find the NextExit in this new Dungeon Escape Game
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Find the NextExit in this new Dungeon Escape Game
NextExit by Korean developer Pier Corporation, is THE 1st EXIT Dungeon Escape Game the company has released for mobile gamers. Can you escape?

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